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Feather Flag Printing Canada and USA.
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Feather Flag Printing

Lightweight and easy to set up this portable promotion tool is an excellent way to promote your brand to a large audience.
Feather Flags are also known as flying flags, bow flags, swooper flags, flutter flags and more. Pretty much all the same thing.

Beautifully printed full colour on an outdoor weatherproof polyester flag.
Feather flags are suitable for outdoor use. They have a black stitched pole pocket with heat welded edges to prevent fraying. Each kit includes a sectioned strong pole, flag, base and a carry case.

Feather Flag Sizes

    • 6.5′ high x 2.15′ Wide
    • 10′ high x 2.3′ wide
    • 13′ high x 2.65′ wide
    • Rectangle and Teardrop Flag shapes available.
    • Backpack feather flags and tent size flags available.
      + Pole height – see bottom of page for size descriptions

Feather Flags are available in your choice of 4 shapes

  • On the bottom of each flag you can choose several cuts which best suit your design.
  • Convex, Concave, Angled or Straight
    Wholesale Feather Flags

Single and Double Sided Feather Flags

Single sided flutter flags are printed on one side. Your graphic design can be seen on the backside as well. However it will be a mirror image. They are partially transparent which is typically not a problem. If you have a lot of text, phone numbers, emails and others images that may not look good backwards, you should consider your options.

Double sided zoomer flags are printed on both sides and are a true representation of your graphic design and text on each side. They are simple two separate flags hemmed together with a blockout scrim in the middle so you can’t see through. Double sided flags are heavier and therefore do not fly in the wind as easily as single sided feather flags.


 Feather Flag Bases

  • A spike base is for lawns such as golf courses, sand on the beach and softer surfaces.
  • A Cross Base has a water weight included and is used for indoors and outdoors such as cement and hard surfaces
  • Drive in wheel bases for car lots, wall brackets and more are available. 

Feather Flag Bases and Stands

2 ways to order…..

2. Give us a call 604-353-1776

Product Description

Custom Printed Feather Flags – Single or Double Sided

feather flags Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and more

Custom printed Feather Flags in a range of sizes from 6.5, 10 & 13 foot + Pole
and are available in 4 shapes – Concave, Convex, Angled & Straight.

Best suited for wind conditions 21 to 29 km per hour or 13 to 18 miles per hour.

Single or Double Sided Feather Flags

Single Double Sided Banners Flags

Single sided Feather Flags you will save on cost as they are more economical. The front is the true image of your design, while other side is a mirror image. This is great for logos and vertical text.

Double sided Feather Flags you will get the true image on both sides of the flag, you can choose 2 completely different designs as we add a block out fabric in the middle so you can’t see through. This is perfect when you have horizontal text such as phone numbers or emails that you don’t want to see backwards on the opposite side.

Spike or Cross Bases

Cross or Spike Flag Base

A Spike Base is more economical of the 2 most common bases. It is excellent for the dirt, snow, grass and so on.
A Cross Base is excellent for hard surfaces such as cement and floors indoors or outdoors. It comes with a doughnut shaped water weight

Supplied as a compact and complete system, the Feather Flags custom printed kit fits neatly into a simple but nylon carry bag which is included in your purchase.
Components consist of a strong sectioned pole, a high quality full colour quality printed feather flag and your choice of a base.

Our superior methods of printing means every one of our flags are manufactured to the highest standard. Each Feather Flag is dye sublimation printed.

Feather Flag Sizes Flag Size (Feet) Pole Size (Feet)
  Small 6.5′ high x 2.15′ wide 10′ high
  Medium 10′ high x 2.3′ wide 13′ high
  Large 13′ high x 2.65′ wide 16′ high
Feather Flag Sizes Flag Size (cm) Pole Size (cm)
  Small 200 high x 65.3 wide 300 high
  Medium 300 high x 70.4 wide 400 high
  Large 400 high x 80.5 wide 500 high

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE – We offer free shipping in Canada to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Quebec, Nova Scotia and more. American areas include California, Chicago, Virginia, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, North and South Carolina, Texas, Florida and more. Worldwide shipping such as Puerto Rico, Panama, Europe, UK, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide.

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6.5′ high x 2.15′ Wide (Single), 10′ high x 2.3′ wide (Single), 13′ high x 2.65′ wide (Single), 6.5′ high x 2.15′ Wide (Double), 10′ high x 2.3′ wide (Double), 13′ high x 2.65′ wide (Double)

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