Mesh Banner Printing – Vinyl

Vinyl Mesh Banners

are a great solution for windy conditions instead of using wind slits which may cause your banner to tear. Vinyl Mesh banners are printed on a PVC material that allows the air to blow through. There are criss crossed fibres that you can see through to some extent, depending on what angle they are viewed from, but they still has a printable surface. Traditionally used for fence scrim on construction sites, festival event banners and backdrops, and more.

Beautiful Mesh Banner printing Stageline Mobile Stages such as SL100, SL250, SL350 and more. 

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  • Extra Large Seamless sizes available up to 16.4 feet (5 meters)
  • Massive construction site banners
  • 1000 DPI UV Printing or Standard 720 DPI
  • For a lighter weight alternative see our Fabric Mesh Banner Printing
  • Compatible with Stageline stages
  • 9×9 Mesh has bigger holes, weight is 320 GSM, it allows more air to pass through but is more transparent
  • 12×12 Mesh has smaller holes, weight is 360 GSM, it allows less air to pass through and is less transparent
  • Grommets and Pole Pockets available

Banners with grommets and Pole Pockets

Mesh banners canada

What are Vinyl Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are lightweight outdoor banners, they are printed on special vinyl that has holes throughout the banner.  The vinyl mesh is very fine, so you still see the design on your banner.  Vinyl banners are opaque, while vinyl mesh banners is semi-translucent.

Why Mesh Banner Printing?

Mesh banners are great outdoors because they let the wind flow right through them. Vinyl Mesh banners last longer than regular vinyl banners when used outside because they reduce wind resistance. That means less wear and tear.

Besides making your sign last longer, mesh banners make it easier to read your message because there are no big wind slits or wrinkles. They lie flat much more easily because the wind goes right through them.

Whether you are placing a large outdoor banner over the street for a few weeks, or hanging a small banner in a windy area, mesh banners ensure that people will be able to read your message, and your banner will hang outdoors for a long time.  Mesh banners are recommended in windy areas. 

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Vinyl Mesh Banner Printing

is used for outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations and concerts because they allow wind and sound to pass through the material. Another common use is for construction site mesh banners. Vinyl Mesh Banner material permits some visibility through windows and also allows natural light into the storefront.
Our quality Mesh Banners are suitable for situations where a banner will be subjected to high wind conditions. The vinyl material is  lightweight.
Mesh banners are a viable alternative to regular vinyl banners to counteract the “sail” effect in windy conditions. Mesh banner printing is the perfect way to conceal building works, construction sites and redevelopments and can also be used for stage backdrops as as the Stageline series. Mesh banners are also popular for indoor signage and can be printed double sided.

  • UV protected 1000 DPI Printing available for extra long life.
  • Grommets, Sewing, & Hemming are always FREE.
  • No file set up fees, no hidden fees.
  • We can print seamless up to 16.4 feet wide
  • Very competitive pricing!
  • Fabric Mesh Banners also available

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