Square Hanging Banners

Hanging Ceiling Banner
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Square Hanging Banners

are great for trade shows, exhibitions and retail displays are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes.
Made from a high quality frame and tension fabric, the colours will pop and you can wow your audience from afar.

Kit includes…
1 – Collapsable extruded aluminum hanging sign frame, (includes curved stabilizer, quarter circle, curved connector)
1 -Full Coloured Zippered Tension Fabric Print, Single or Double Sided
1 – Hanging Cables
1 – Nylon Bag
1 – Chain, Spring, Eye Hook, Large Screw, Hook Loop lock, screw tightener

Available Sizes – custom sizes are welcome. Below you can find our standard sizing.

Straight Square Hanging Banner
6′ x 36″ 
8′ x 42″ 
10′ x 48″
12′ x 48″
15′ x 48″ 
Custom Sizes welcome

Curved Square Hanging Banner
Heights – 36″, 48″ 
Widths –  10′, 12′

Tapered Square Hanging Banner
Heights – 36″, 48″
Widths – 10′, 12′ 14′

Rectangle Hanging Banner
Heights – 36″, 48″
Widths – 10′, 12′ 14′

2 ways to order…..

Or give us a call 604-353-1776

Product Description

Square Hanging Banners and Signs

Square Hanging Banners, displays and signs are available in Square or Rectangle which both can be either straight, curved or tapered. 
Make an impression at your next event, trade show, exhibition, or car show and wow your audience who can see your advert hanging from the ceiling.
The Frame comes with high quality graphics that are dye sublimation printed graphics on tension fabric which can be printed on the exterior or both interior and exterior.

We ship for FREE Worldwide —– throughout Canada to places such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal.
American Destinations such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, Florida, Utah, Ohio, New York and more.
Worldwide such as Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Dubai, Panama, and more


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