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Star Tents & Shades

Star Tents are available in several very large sizes, perfect for all sorts of events. Essentially they are a very large blank canvas branding opportunity for your business viewable from a great distance away. With a large capacity a star tent is has a multitude of uses where you are free to have vending stations, and several groups of people all at once. 


  • Single Peak widths span 20′ | 26′ | 33′ | 39′ | 46′ | 52′
  • Double Peak widths span 44′ | 54′ | 62′ | 72′


  • 420D is an economical fabric for stock colours without printing
    Stock Star Shade Colours
  • 600 D is used for our custom printing which is available in full colour and a dye sublimation process.


  • You can join 2 Star Tents with a Tunnel
  • High Quality 2.5″ diameter Aluminum Poles
  • Stake Puller

Single Peak Star Tents

Single Pole Star Tent

Single Peak Shades are a novel design and suitable for all outdoor events and festivals. The range from widths 20 to 52 feet, heights range from 16.4 to 19.7 feet. They’re quicker and easy to set up and more economical.

Double Peak Star Tents

Large Event Tent

The Double Peak Star Tent is an extended design of the Single poled version. The design greatly increases the usable shade space inside and has a very effective area for promoting your brand. Spans range from 44′ to 72′ wide with heights of 16.4′ to 19.7 feet. Excellent for large festivals, races and anywhere you have a large gathering.

Wall packages

Event Tent Manufacturer

Star Tents can be ordered with or without walls. As well we have connecting fabrics so you can join 2 pcs of the star tents together to create an even larger area, great for having 2 stages. Walls can be printed single or double sided.

2 ways to order…..


2. Give us a call 604-353-1776

Product Description

 Star Tents – Outdoor Festival Shelter Advertising

 Star Tents  are the ultimate in festival and event advertising. Available in medium, large and extra large sizes either branded with your logo or solid colours you’ll be sure to be noticed by the masses, you’ll literally tower above the crowd. Excellent for races, festivals, car shows, ski mountains and more.

The benefit of a start tent compared to a large canopy tent is the ease of set up. While this will take several people to set up, it tends to be quicker and it’s less likely you need to hire a professional crew with large labour rates to set these up. Star Tents are best for the grass where you can hammer in the stakes, however they are find for the cement as well as long as you can instal some anchor points which is not always possible. It’s best to ensure that you do a site inspection first before set up.

Also known as a Star Shade or Star Canopy, another benefit is that they are completely portable. Regardless if your event is annual or on the move every week you can easily rebuild your shelter over and over again without much hassle.

Single Peak Star Tent Sizes


Star tent

Double Peak Star Tent Sizes



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