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Teardrop Flags

Custom printed tear drop flags are sure to catch the attention of the crowd. Advertising teardrop banners are a very popular marketing tool for a variety of businesses. Their large size and vibrant colours ensure you stand out from the crowd. They are easily noticed from ongoing traffic getting your message out to endless new customers. 

  • Custom printed Teardrop Flags and Banners are printed with full colour on polyester.
  • Excellent as outdoor or indoor flags and a variety of base attachments are available.
  • They are available in a variety of shapes including Feather Flags and Rectangle flags.
  • Backpack teardrop flags, desktop promotional teardrop flags and teardrop car window flags available.
  • Carry cases included with purchase. 
  • Wholesale flag rates available
  •  FREE shipping worldwide. 

Teardrop Flag Sizes

  • Flag size – 6.25′ high x 2.45′ wide
  • Flag size – 10′ high x 3.2′ wide
  • Flag size – 12.75′ high x 3.6 wide
    + pole height. See bottom of page for size details.

Single and Double Sided teardrop banners

The difference between single and double sided flags are an important consideration.

Single sided is printed on one side. Your image can be seen on the other side as well, and it will be a mirror image. For some logos this is no problem at all, however some text such as phone numbers may be hard to read from the reverse side. They are a it more transparent. The advantage of single sided is that they are more economical.

Double sided teardrop flags are printed on both sides and therefore are a true representation of your branding and text on both sides. In essence they are simple two separate flags hemmed together. As the nature of this 110 gsm polyester is slightly transparent there is also a block our fabric material in the middle to ensure each side can not be seen from the other.


  • A Spike Base is used for the grass, dirt, and beach. Perfect for outdoor flags to maintain stability in high wind conditions
  • A Cross Base is a heavier base used on cement, or indoor situations such as trade shows. We typically add a water weight bag as well to ensure stability.
  • We also have wall brackets, bases for under car tires and more.
    Feather Flag Bases and Stands

2 ways to order…..

2. Give us a call 604-353-1776

Product Description

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags – the Ultimate in outdoor advertising!

Teardrop custom printed Flags in a range of sizes from 6.25′, 10 & 12.75 foot high + Poles.
Dye-sublimation printing on knitted polyester flags which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Teardrop flags a stitched pole pocket, and heat welded edges to prevent fraying.  Each kit comes with a strong durable pole, flag, carry case and choice of base.

Best suited for wind conditions 21km to 29km.

Single or Double Sided Teardrop Flags

Single Double Sided Banners Flags

Single sided Teardrop Flags you will save on cost as they are more economical. The front is the true image of your design, while other side is a mirror image. This is great for logos and vertical text.

Double sided Teardrop Flags you will get the true image on both sides of the flag, you can choose 2 completely different designs as we add a block out fabric in the middle so you can’t see through. This is perfect when you have horizontal text such as phone numbers or emails that you don’t want to see backwards on the opposite side.

Spike or Cross Bases

Cross or Spike Flag Base

A Spike Base is more economical of the 2 most common bases. It is excellent for the dirt, snow, grass and so on.
A Cross Base is excellent for hard surfaces such as cement and floors indoors or outdoors. It comes with a doughnut shaped water weight

Option of Bases include

    •  Ground Spike 
    • X Cross Base 
    • Car Tire Bases, Drive on Foot Bases, Heavier bases, all are available. Please inquire about pricing.
    • Water Bag Weights Available

Our superior method of printing means every one of our custom printed flags are manufactured to the highest standard. 

Teardrop Flag Sizes

Flag Size (Feet)

Pole Size (Feet)



6.25′ high x 2.45′ wide 10.5′ high


10′ high x 3.2′ wide 14.5′ high


12.75′ high x 3.6′ wide 17.75′ high

Teardrop Flag Sizes

Flag Size (cm)

Pole Size (cm)



190 high x 75 wide 320 high


300 high x 97 wide 440 high


388 high x 109 wide 540 high

 We offer free shipping worldwide. Canadian cities include Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Sydney, Montreal, Quebec and more. United States areas include Chicago, California, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kansas, Ohio, New York and more. We have shipped for free to Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico and more.

Additional Information


6.25′ high x 2.45′ wide (Single), 10′ high x 3.2′ wide (Single), 12.75′ high x 3.6′ wide (Single), 6.25′ high x 2.45′ wide (Double), 10′ high x 3.2′ wide (Double), 12.75′ high x 3.6′ wide (Double)

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