Everything you need to know about our Banner Stands

Why is our Banner Stands simply better?

Simply put, Retractable Banner Stands come in different qualities. They seem to be hit or miss and also pricing doesn’t seem to make a difference. We’ve seen so much expensive banner stands that are really low quality, and we’ve also seen lower priced products that are actually quite nice!

It’s not always your local print shop that is dishonest. However, they typically purchase stands from a wholesaler and they are at the mercy of what the wholesaler has in their inventory.

Oh my Print Solutions has 3 main Retractable Banner Stands and 2 main styles of X Frames. I will attempt to demystify the difference between them. Starting with the best choice.

Luxury Banner Stands

Vancouver Canada Retractable

Luxury Banner Stands

It took us years to find the perfect base. They all seem so as to look alike but it’s the internal workings that make ours special. Simply put, it’s just a better product.

* Comes with a stunning Matte Satin Banner. The colors pop and you will stand out among your competitors
* The base is heavy and not easily breakable
* The Banner is easily replaceable without any special tools. This can save you money instead of purchasing a new unit.
* Available Single or Double Sided

Standard Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stand Printing Canada and USA

Retractable Banner Stands

These are nice as they cost about 30% less than the luxury style. If you allow us 1 week in advance we can ensure you get a matte satin banner along with the stand. This basic stand is of excellent quality. The metal is more solid and you can really feel it in the weight of the unit compared to our competitors. For rush orders near our hometown of Vancouver, Canada we have more basic stands available as well but do try to give us a week so we can ensure the best product possible. 😉


Bamboo Banner Stands

Bamboo Display Stand with Cotton Canvas Banner

Bamboo Stand and Canvas banner blends in perfectly with the background at the Oh my Print Solutions Office.

Retractable Bamboo Banner Stands

Eco-friendly and truly unique! We sell a lot of these to businesses that suit this great style. Also, we add a cotton canvas banner which suits the style of the display. We believe we’re likely the only place that would provide such a thing. We believe adding a PVC vinyl banner would not match the eco display style. Everyone has been really thrilled with the results.
We also provide Bamboo X Frames in 2 sizes.

Wholesale Bulk Banner Stands and our Logistics program.

We have free shipping worldwide with no minimum order. Delivered to your door typically within a week. However, for free shipping, we require you to take all the products at one location.

It’s also common for us to accept bulk wholesale banner stand orders. For example, we had a recent client in the non-profit medical industry who needed 125 banner stands shipped to 39 different locations across North America. We took care of the packaging and shipping for this company and with our bulk discount shipping rates with FedEx, DHL and TNT we were able to have these shipped faster and cheaper than if they did it themselves.

Bulk wholesale banner stands

Standard style Banner Stands shipped to Thai Consulates around the world.

Vancouver Alberta Toronto Montreal

Banner Stands can also be shipped anywhere at no extra cost

Wholesale banner stands

These stands were Shipped to Chicago, Illinois

bulk wholesale banner stands

These were shipped to locations across Canada

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