Fabric Backdrops – Which one is best for you?

Custom printed Fabric Backdrops

Fabric Backdrop have a variety of uses and are becoming more popular over vinyl because of their vitality compared to vinyl. They can be manufactured into virtually any size. From small flags to massive backdrops for concerts.

At Oh my Print Solutions we specialize in all sorts of fabric backdrop printing.
We hope this blog will help you choose what fabric is best for you.
We typically choose what’s best for our clients after finding out their expectations on quality, durability, lifespan, and budget.

There are several reasons to use a fabric backdrop…….
* For a Step and Repeat Logo Wall
* For a Press Conference Backdrop

* In Tradeshows and Exhibitions
* For massive backdrops for large stages and events
* Portable Event Solutions. They fold and are also easy to travel with.
* We can also custom our backdrops to fit on frames so such as Tension Fabric Displays with zippers, Pop up Displays with velcro and Jumbo backdrop Stands with hemmed pole pockets




20 x 40 foot Fabric Stage Backdrop Vancouver

250 GSM Fabric is common for standard sizes such as 8 x 10 feet and also massive backdrops such as this 20 x 40 feet version.

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. It is our most popular fabric backdrop and so as used for most of our high-end trade show displays. 250 GSM is the industry standard for the best quality.

* Opaque.  It tends to absorb a camera flash rather than reflecting it. However, you will not see through it unless there is too much backlighting.
* Heavy duty and long lasting. Easy to spot clean with a spray bottle as well as a little bit of soap.
* Can also be used with our stands such as the Tension Fabric Display, Pop up Display and Jumbo Backdrop Stand.
* Printed up to 8 feet seamless. if you require seams they are not very visible and are unlikely to affect your artwork.

* The price is a bit higher which makes it less available for low budget events.
* Harder to print very fine text, of less than a half inch and still be readable

230 GSM Fabric Backdrops




Economic Backdrop

230 GSM Fabric Backdrops print beautifully and also are less expensive. They take more maintenance such as ironing or steaming for a wrinkle-free look.

* More economical
* Good for temporary use
* Prints beautifully
* Durable and also good for long-term use
* We also use 300D Fabric for our tablecloths, however, these are fire-proof coated
* We use this fabric for our premium quality flags

* Thinner and therefore less opaque
* Prints only up to 5 feet wide, most backdrops need a seam
* The seam is more noticeable than 250 GSM
* Often no choice but to put seam through the middle

How to finish your Custom Printed Fabric Backdrops

Banners with grommets and Pole Pockets
At no extra charge, we can add grommets or pole pockets or also both. Grommets are metal rings inserted around the perimeter of the banner. However, you can use hooks or zap straps to add to your existing frame.

Pole Pockets are hemmed on the top and/or bottom. This tends to be a cleaner look so as it hides the frame and stretches the banner. Often even if not needed a pole pocket can also be added to the bottom of the banner so you can add a rod to act as a weight to stretch everything out for a wrinkle-free look.

Fabric Banner Grommets

Grommets show from front and backside and example of Hemmed Edges

We have plenty of fabrics to choose from!

We typically offer 250 GSM and 230 GSM as a premium and economy versions. However, we do have plenty of other fabrics which can be found on our full product list.  We have lightweight and beautiful fabrics starting at just 85 GSM which is as thin as those Japanese Flags you would see in front of a sushi shop. Another popular item is our printing on Satin which turns out really beautiful. In fact, we also use a Matte Satin for our Luxury Banner Stands for amazing results.

Buddha printed on Satin

Fine Detailed Printing on Satin

110 GSM Fabric is so popular in the industry, however, a bit transparent. We prefer to supply to sell 300D which is more Opaque

Fabric backdrop printing

250 GSM is Standard for our Jumbo Backdrop Stands

Transparent Fabric Banners

Extremely lightweight semi-transparent fabric banners


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