How to Choose a Feather Flag Base

What Feather Flag Base is Best for You?

Feather Flags, Block Flags, and Teardrop Flags  are popular advertising tools used to promote businesses, events, and organizations. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

When it comes to a Feather Flag Base, they are used to provide stability and support, depending on where the flag will be displayed.

Here are some Common Base Options:

Cross X Bases

The Cross Base is a flat, heavy base that can be used on any flat surface. It has legs that extend out to provide stability and support.
We have several varieties with different rates. Some are compatible with our Standard Poles and others with out Deluxe Fibreglass Poles.

Feather Flag Base
Standard Cross Base 7.9lbs
Cross X Base for Teardrop Flags
Cross X Base for Teardrop Flags
Deluxe X Flag Base
Cross Base Lightweight

Ground Spike Base

This type of Feather Flag Base is designed to be inserted into soft ground or grass.
The Spike provides stability and keeps the flag upright in windy conditions.

There are several options, and we will automatically match which one fits best to your Pole.

The Screw In Ground Spike Feather Flag Base is recommended for long term use where you expect higher winds.

Spike Base Options For Feather and Teardrop Flags
Ground Spike
Black Spike Base fro Teardrop Flags
Silver Ground Spike Base for Feather Flags
Stake Style Spike Base
Screw Style Spike Base
Spike Base Screw Style

Car Tire Base

This Base is designed to be placed under a car tire, providing a stable platform for the Flag.
It is a convenient option for events like Car Shows or Outdoor Markets.

Car Tire Flag Base
Feather Flag Base for under Wheels
Car Tire Base for Feather Flags

Wall Mount Base

As the name says, this base is designed to be mounted to a wall or other vertical surface. It provides a sturdy, secure way to display the Flag.
They are used for our
Wall Flags. Available in Straight or Angled.

Tent Leg Bracket

This attaches Your Flag to our Custom Pop Up Canopy Tents, which ensures your Flag is up high above your competitors.
There are different sizes depending on the style of your tent such as 40 or 50 Hex or Square.

25 Degree Wall Flag Mount
25 Degree Wall Flag Mount
Tent Flag Bracket for Feather Flags

Flat Iron Bases

These heavy bases are excellent for long term events and for standing up to virtually any weather condition.

Water Bases

A Water Base is a heavy-duty base that can be filled with water or sand to provide extra weight and stability. It is typically used on hard surfaces like concrete or pavement.

13.3 pound Teardrop Flag Flat Base
22lbs Iron Flat Feather Flag Base
11lbs Iron Base
Deluxe Water Base

Water Bags

Water Doughnuts are set on top of the Cross Bases. They add a lot of weight to stabilize the unit.
They can be filled with water or sand.  Available in Round or Square.

Round Water Bag for Cross Bases
Square Water Bag for Cross Bases

Choose a Pole

You will have seen that a Feather Flag Base is designed for either a Standard or Fibreglass Pole. The Standard Aluminum are the most common, mainly due to the lower price point.
We will automatically choose the right pole for your system. If you upgrade to the Fibreglass then we will upgrade the Base with the set

Standard Aluminum Poles and Deluxe Fiberglass Poles are both popular options for supporting and displaying Feather Flags, but they have some differences in terms of their material, durability, and performance.

Material: Standard Aluminum Poles are made of Lightweight Aluminum, while Deluxe Fiberglass Poles are made of a combination of Fiberglass and Carbon Composite materials. They are stronger and more durable than Aluminum, which makes them a better choice for larger flags or in High Wind Areas.

Durability: Fiberglass Poles are more durable than Aluminum Poles, which means they are less likely to bend, break or rust over time. They are also more resistant to the effects of UV rays, which can cause discoloration or degradation of the pole material over time.

Performance: Deluxe Fiberglass {oles are designed to perform better in windy conditions compared to standard aluminum poles. They are more flexible and can bend without breaking, which allows them to better absorb the force of the wind. This reduces the risk of flag damage or pole failure, making them a better option for outdoor use.

Cost: Deluxe fiberglass carbon composite poles are generally more expensive than standard aluminum poles. However, they offer superior durability and performance, which can make them a better long-term investment for businesses or organizations that need to display flags on a regular basis.

While both Standard and Deluxe Fiberglass Poles are useful for displaying flags, the latter is more durable, performs better in windy conditions, and can be a better long-term investment.

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