Metal Business Cards

Metal Business Cards

Times are changing! Gone are the days when you need 100’s of thin low-quality paper business cards so as to give out to potential clients. However, we all know people just throw those away, usually without a 2nd glance.

The challenge nowadays is how can you make an impression, to get people to take notice, to keep their card, and also even show to their colleagues.

We believe Metal Business Cards are so the answer! Upon receiving them you will soon realize that they are conversation starters. People will feel as it’s a gift, and also say comments such as “Can I really keep this?!”

We will answer a few of the most common questions below

What kind of Metal Business Cards are available?

We offer Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black, as well as Copper Business Cards.

SilverGoldRose GoldMatte Black


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Brush Gold Metal BusinessCards - Shipped to France

Matte Black

Matte Black Metal Cards with Cut out

Rose Gold

Brushed Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

Metal Cards come in Several Thicknesses

The most common thickness for Metal Business Cards are 0.3mm and 0.5mm.
Both are excellent quality as well as durable. Use 0.3mm if you are looking for something less expensive.

Whereas 0.5mm is thicker, a bit bulkier and also feels more like the real deal. They are not so easily bendable.

For Matte Black Metal Business Cards we recommend minimum 0.5mm. The reason is that they are coated with a Matte Black finishing.

This makes the thinner 0.3mm feel almost like plastic. That is until you bump them on the table and so as realize they are in fact still made of metal.

0.8mm and 1mm thick Metal Cards are also available. These heavy duty cards are so as typically reserved for special uses such as Bottle Opener Cards.

0.8mm Bottle Opener Cards

Bottle Opener Business Cards

Standard 0.5mm Thick

Brushed Etched metal business cards

What Finishings are Available?

The most common finishings are Brushed and Frosted. With Silver Metal Cards we also offer a plain finish which is more like a Matte.

Brushed Metal Business Cards have a luxurious look to them. They bring out the brightness and sheen of a metal card. You can add the brushed effect to any variety of card. It’s a personal favourite of ours and highly recommended.

Frosted Cards are a unique finish and also less expensive.


Metal Business Cards with Screen Printing


Frosted Gold Metal Business Cards

Should I add Etching to my cards?

Yes! It adds a bit of texture to your cards. You can also choose a standard to etch or a deep etch, and of course a mix of both.

Standard etching available with and without printing inside of it. Many clients will choose to have their cards first etched and then the etching filled in with ink so that their metal cards are protected.

A deep etch is available with our 0.5mm thick cards, without printing inside. This is so as another personal favourite of ours.

Standard Etching

Brushed Etched

Deep Etching

Metal Business Cards with Deep Etching

Can I add Cut Outs?

Yes! You may add cut-outs, unique shapes, and sizes to your metal cards. We highly recommend them without charging any extra amount.

Metal Business Cards are unique and therefore it’s suggested to add cut outs, etching and brushing.

With ultra computer laser guided precision we can ensure your logo or intricate design is cut out perfect and beautifully.

Cut Out Logo

Luxury gold business card

Laser Guided Cut Out

Black Metal Business Cards with Cut out

Lace Bordered Metal Business Cards

These cards are absolutely stunning! You may choose from a list of designs from here
Lace Metal Business Card Designs

Or you may also choose your own design.

Lace Gold Metal Cards

Lace Border Gold Metal Card

Lace Silver Metal Cards

Deep Etch Metal Business Cards

Metal Business Card Colours

All of our card prices include 2 colours at no additional cost. 3 or more colours may cost a bit extra.
We use a screen printing process. On a metal business card, this is the way to go, it’s a beautiful look.
An insider tip is that black screen printing on a Matte Black Metal Card is a similar look and feel to Spot UV.

We can also offer full colour printing on our metal business cards. However, we do try to avoid this when possible as the results may vary. Sometimes a bit blotchy or slightly discolored. However, for the most part we’ve had great success.

Matte Black with 3 Colors

Metal Business Card

Gold Metal Cards with 2 Color

Brushed Metal Biz cards

In Conclusion

Metal Business Cards can in fact be less expensive than paper business cards when you are taking into consideration how much business you generate.

If you have a casual business contact who you may or may not keep in touch with, sure, invest a 10 cent business card with them. However, if you feel this client is so as worth a potential $100 or $1000 then a couple bucks for a premium luxury business card is surely the way to go!