Shipping Policy

1) Free Shipping Worldwide
How do you do it?

Well it is true that nothing in this world is free! However there is no additional cost to you, so it’s pretty much the same as free.
We absorb the shipping costs on our end. The shipping costs are included in the price we quoted you. We believe that there should be no surprises.

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2) But seriously Free Shipping Worldwide?
Like every Country in the World?

Yup! Well… most countries and cities. We have shipped to dozens of countries around the world.
We charge most clients the same prices no matter where they are located, however some remote places it will cost extra.
For example if you have a choice to ship to Florida, USA or a small island state in the Caribbean, then there may be a small surcharge.
We absorb most of the shipping costs still though so regardless you’ll get a good deal.
In fact we supply a fair bit of remote countries and territories that otherwise have a very difficult time receiving products due to the fact they have limited companies able to ship to them at a reasonable cost.

3) Who do you ship with? 

We use DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT. We also use regional couriers such as Aramex when we ship to the Middle East. Different places have different rates and we choose the lowest price to keep costs down.

4) What are the timelines, how long will it take?

First this depends on the product you order. Usually it takes 1 week including production and air shipping. Some products take 2 weeks or more for production. The shipping portion is usually 3 to 5 days. Some remote cities or countries can take longer.

5) I have an important event. What if the shipment is late? 

We encourage you to order as soon as possible. All timelines we give are estimates only. We can not be responsible for shipping delays beyond our control. In fact it’s very rare to have an order show up late, we are quite proud of that…but it can and does happen.

6) What if my shipment arrives damaged or goes missing?

Out of 1000’s of shipments this is yet to happen to us….ever! However it can happen. Just ensure when you sign the package you sign it as damaged. We can then assist with making a claim against the courier company. We would also do everything we can to further assist with replacing your product.

7) Do I have to pay customs fees, duties and taxes? How much?

We are located in Canada. If you are located in Canada then the answer is no. If you are located outside of  Canada then it’s usually yes. In Canada we collect sales taxes and remit to our government. In the USA, Europe, Australia etc, we do not collect taxes from you. However of course your government still wants those taxes so they are typically payable upon receiving your goods. Every Country and State are different however usually it ends up being similar to your local tax rate.

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8) Do I need a customs broker? 

No….not unless we are shipping to you by sea or air cargo with a very large order. And then we’d tell you in advance. Usually the courier such as Fedex will act as the broker and clear customs for you. We take care of all the paperwork and make it easy for you. No need for signing any papers or anything complex. You are free to use your own customs broker, please let us know in advance.

9) Do you offer free shipping on all products?

Almost, but we do not offer free shipping for replacement parts, samples, and other products we don’t ordinarily sell.

10) I am in Vancouver, Canada and you charged me for shipping!
Why can you ship to USA for free but not in your own backyard

haha yes this one we always need to explain. We have negotiated contracts with couriers for air shipping, and even out of town shipping a few hours drive. However we don’t have free shipping for Vancouver. You are welcome to pick up at our downtown Vancouver office, or you can have us arrange a local courier for cheap, maybe $20 or so.

I still have questions 

Please CONTACT US and we’d be happy to assist.

11) Can we see you guys in action?! 

Absolutely! Check out the video below.

Whoa! Is that video real?

Haha no. We just made it for fun. It’s fake. But on a serious note we do ship worldwide everyday and therefore there is a fair bit of truth to it. However most of our products are shipped air and then land door to door, and only bulk orders are shipped by sea.
Hope you have as much fun watching this vid as we did making it! =)