3D Luggage Tags

Custom 3D Luggage Tags

Explore the World in Style!

Unique and Eye-Catching Design: Our Luggage Tags are not just tags; they’re pieces of art!

Crafted with intricate 3D designs, these tags stand out and make your luggage instantly recognizable.


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Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
Your choices between 3D Rubber, Leather or on Plastic Cards where Variable Data such as names and addresses can be individually added.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Our Luggage Tags are made from high-quality rubber, these tags are built to withstand the rigours of travel.

3D Rubber Moulds

With Solid Colours we can bring your Luggage Tags to life by creating an Injection Mould. 
This adds different heights and texture to present a high quality piece of art with Your Personal Design

Each piece is comes with a Paper Insert to Write Your Name and Details on it.

3D Rubber Suitcase Bag Tags
Leather Baggage Tags

Leather Baggage Tags

Add Your Logo to a variety of Leather Baggage Tags.

They are Screen Printed with Solid Colours and have a professional and classy look to them.
You can mix and match different backgrounds. 

Flat Cards

An economical way to order bulk amounts is by creating simple Plastic Cards with a Slot Punch and Ring to add to your teams suite case.

This has more room to add more info such as on the backside.

Easy to Spot: No more struggling to identify your bag on the carousel. Order for Your Entire Team.

Name tag Cards for Suitcase
Custom Luggage Tags

Barcoded Luggage Tags

In certain situations you may need to add certain security features such as bar codes, PIN numbers, Security Stamping and more.

Anything is possible with our Plastic Gift Cards which are highly customizable. 

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