A-Frame Sandwich Boards

A-Frames, Sandwich Boards, Sidewalk Signs

Whatever you want to call them, they have many names!

Every curbside business needs one otherwise people can walk right by your shop.

We have a large variety of A-Frames listed below.

They are available with or without graphics.

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A-Frames, Sidewalk Signs and Sandwich Boards

A-Frames are an essential marketing tool for small and medium businesses. They are one of the most popular and basic tools you can use to promote your store. Invite your guests in and promote your specials with our Sidewalk Signs.

Each of our frames can fit either a Coroplast or Sintra hard substrate board or we can apply a self adhesive decal. We will assist you to ensure what is best for you and your business. 

Standard A-Board

Our most popular A-Board is available in several sizes. They have a latch on top for easy handling.

Colour – Black

Sizes W x H
18 x 24″ | 24 x 18″ | 30 x 24″ | 24 x 32″
18 x 32″ | 24 x 36″ | 24 x 48″

A-Board Pavement Sign
Portable A Frame

Portable A Frame

This frame can be assembled and disassembled with ease. 

It is an excellent solution for salespeople on the go such as real estate agents. 

Colours – Black or Silver

24 x 36″ 

Rolling Sidewalk Sign

Bring your sandwich board back into your shop every evening with ease.

This frame includes a set of wheels on the base. 

Colour Black

24 x 36″ | 32 x 48″

Rolling A Frame
U-Channel A Frame

U Channel A-Frames

The U Channel allows you to easily and securely slip in your signboard.

There is a 5 inch extra lip on the top adding to the height.

Colour – Black

24 x 48″ | 32 x 48″

Square Tube Sandwich Board

The Square tubes add strength and durability. The handle on the top can be pushed down for a more uniform look.

Color – Black

24 x 32″ | 24 x 36″ | 32 x 47.75″ 

Heavy Duty Strong A Frame Sidewalk Signs

Heavy Duty Sidewalk Signs

These A-Frame Sidewalk Signs are stronger and built to last. They are perfect for all seasons and cities prone to severe weather. 

Black – 24 x 36″ | 32 x 48″

White – 24 x 36″

Economy Sandwich Boards

Cheap and Cheerful! These lightweight frames are easy to carry and have 4 looped feet which you can tie down and lock up at night.

Colour – Black

Sizes W x H
24 x 18″ | 18 x 24″ | 24 x 32″ | 24 x 36″

Cheap Sandwich Boards
Aluminum Composite Sign

Aluminum Composite Panel Board

5mm Aluminum Composite Pavement Sign is a higher end sign that is made from strong heavier metal to prevent collapsing. 

Colour – Aluminum with white coated edge caps 

18 x 24″ 

PVC A-Boards

PVC A-Frames have 2 plastic panels where Self Adhesive Decals can be applied. They are available as is, or detachable for easy graphic installation.

Colour – Off White

Sizes W x H
18 x 24″ | 24 x 32″ | 30 x 24″
24 x 36″ | 24 x 48″ | 32 x 48″

PVC Plastic Sidewalk Sign
A-Frame Chalkboard with Wood Frame

Chalkboard with Wooden A-Frames

No need for the added expensive of a custom print.

The chalkboard is perfect for those with daily specials and consistently changing messages.

It comes with a dark oak wood frame.

24.25 x 32″ 

Snap Lock A-Board

The snaplock A-frame is designed for quick and easy poster changing. It comes with an anodized aluminum frame and a white backboard.

Frame: 26.25 x 34″
Image: 24 x 32″
Full Height: 48″

Snap Poster A Frame
Plastic Sidewalk Sign

Heavy Duty Plastic Pavement Signs

This heavy duty all weather sidewalk sign has a u channel to insert your PVC insert.

It is easy to move around and substantial enough to get noticed from far away.

Frame: 26″ x 42″
Poster: 23.6 x 32″

Add a Topper

Add some extra height and a message that will get noticed. This is a 0.75″ round tube frame. 

Colours – Black and White

Frame size: 24″ x 32″
Topper Size: 23″ x 6″
Full Height: 48″

A-Frames with Topper Signs
Swinging Sidewalk Sign

Swinging Metal Sidewalk Sign

This frame is designed to swing in the event of wind to prevent it from falling over.

The movement catches the eye and gets you noticed!

Colours – Black or White 

Frame Size: 26 x 35″
Double Sided Panel Size: 22 x 28″

Illuminated A-Frames

These single sided frames are backlit with LED technology. They are great for both indoor and outdoors.

Colour = Black

Frame: 23.75 x 35.5″
Poster: 22 x 31″

LED Backlit Sidewalk Sign
A-Frames Wind Resistant Sidewalk Signs

Wind Resistant Sidewalk Sign

The wind resistant sign holder has a spring base and a total of 42 inch support feet to stand up to the strongest storms.

Colour = Black

Size 1
Frame: 24 x 36″
Support: 21″ each side (Total 42″)
Total height is 44”

Size 2 
Frame: 28 x 48″
Support: 21″ each side (Total 42″)
Total height is 55.5″

Snap Lock Wind Resistant

A snap lock poster frame that is spring loaded for wind resistance and a large plastic base.

Size 1 

Frame size: 25″w x 35″h x 1.5″d
Image size: 22.5w x 32.5″h
Base size: 32″w x 5″h x 20″d
Total Height: 45″

Size 2

Frame size: 36″w x 48″h x 1.5″d
Image size: 33”w x 47”h
Base size: 40″w x 5″h x 25″d
Total Height: 60″h

Snap Lock with Large Plastic Base
Customized pop up banners

Pop up A-Frames

Vertical and Triangle Pop up A-Frame Banners are an excellent alternative to the standard sidewalk sign.

They are mainly used at events, and are completely portable. 

More options and sizes are within the link above.


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