Air Dancers

Air Dancers

Inflatable Tube Men: Your Lively Business Sidekicks! 🕺

Meet the ever-reliable sidekicks of businesses for decades—the Inflatable Tube Men! Their sole mission? To make your business unmissable! With a repertoire of fun and exciting stock designs, or the option for a custom creation, these tube men are ready to elevate your visibility.

🎨 Limitless Customization: The sky’s the limit in terms of customization—choose heights ranging from a lively 10 feet to an attention-grabbing 40 feet and beyond. Keep in mind, 20 feet is the magic number for making them dance and ensuring your business steals the show!

🌐 Unleash Their Dancing Spirit: These tube men are not just static figures—they come to life with dynamic dancing movements, ensuring that your business presence is vibrant and captivating.

🏢 Perfect for Any Business: Whether you’re a retail store, car dealership, or hosting an event, Inflatable Tube Men are the perfect attention-grabbing solution to enhance your visibility and attract customers.

💡 Stand Out and Be Unforgettable: With their playful and eye-catching presence, Inflatable Tube Men ensure that your business stands out and becomes unforgettable in the minds of your audience.

Ready to Steal the Show? Choose Inflatable Tube Men and Let Your Business Shine! 🎉 💃

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Air Dancers

Dive into the realm of fun and funky Air Dancers with a plethora of choices! 🎉

Whether it’s a custom design with personalized text, specific colors, or even quirky finishing touches like distinctive hair—your options are limitless.

Known by various names, be it Inflatable Tube Men or Sky Dancers, their mission remains unchanged: to capture attention and direct the crowd your way.

These dynamic Air Dancers are more than just attention-grabbers; they set the stage for a giant Vinyl Banner behind them, ensuring your message is not just seen but read. It’s the perfect synergy for maximizing your return on investment. Let’s make heads turn and messages resonate! 💨🌈🚀


Most Air Dancers have constant air blowers. This enables them to dance and wave their arms around.
You can also choose sealed without a fan. These would not move around but would not require power.

Fan Blower for Air Dancer
Air Dancer with 2 legs

Double Fan for Extra Height.

Looking to be noticed from the side of the freeway from 100’s of feet away? You’re going to need extra height.
While single fan inflatable men have a limitation of approximately 20 feet, with 2 fans and 2 legs we can double that.


Add some funky hair.
Never forget to smile!
Adding fringe coloured fringe on the hands and head to act as hair adds more movement and of course more fun.

Studies have shown that smiles around your business get results and more sales.

Air Dancer Design
Air Dancer Fabrics

Quality Materials

Longevity is ensured with quality construction, stitching and materials.

You can choose from stock colors or custom printed.

Pantone Colour Matching

Do you have custom company colours? Would you like to add your logo? 
We will ensure precise colour matching with the Pantone system

Pantone Color Matching
4 Foot Air Dancer

Smaller Sizes

We can custom smaller sizes for areas where you don’t need such a big impression but still require some movement to get people’s attention.

The smaller sized airmen use a smaller fan.

Custom Designs

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Our designers are on standby to bring your visions to reality.

You can have dancing animals, political figures, actors and more.

Inflatable Trump
Inflatable Banner Men

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