Arch Tents

Arch Tents

Elevate Your Events – Customized Arch Tents for Unparalleled Impact! 🎪🚀

🕷️ Dynamic Design – Spider Tents Ready for Action: Step into the spotlight with our Customized Arch Tents, also known as Spider Tents. These innovative tents boast a dynamic design that’s ready to impress at any event, whether indoors or outdoors.

📏 Versatile Sizes – Choose Your Perfect Fit: Available in three sizes, our Arch Tents provide a large span, accommodating a multitude of people, furniture, kiosks, and more. Whatever your event needs, these tents are the ideal solution for creating a vibrant and spacious environment.

🏰 Branding Brilliance – Tower Above the Crowds: With ample branding space, our Arch Tents are designed to tower high above the crowds, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand. Make a statement that can’t be ignored and leave a lasting impression on every attendee.

🎉 Perfect for Every Occasion – From Medium to Large Scale Events: Whether you’re hosting a medium-sized gathering or a large-scale event, our Promotional Arch Tents are perfect for the occasion. From stadiums to outdoor venues, these tents provide a versatile and impactful solution for your promotional needs.

Step into Event Excellence – Choose Customized Arch Tents for Your Next Showstopper!🚀

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Custom Printed Arch Tents

Make a bold statement at outdoor events with our Arch Tents!
These large dome-shaped structures feature 5 entry points, allowing you to add awnings or doors for a customizable setup.

Available in three sizes, these portable tents provide a unique and eye-catching presence, ensuring your brand stands out at any outdoor event. 🎪🏞️🌐

Arch Tent Sizes

There are 3 sizes available for Arch Tents
10′  | 15′ | 20′ 

The 10 and 15 foot versions have an aluminum frame which is lighter weight and easier to manage, whereas the 20 foot has a heavy duty steel frame.

Please note that the name of the tent eg. 10′ is the size of the door, the full width (span or diameter) is larger.

10′ Door = 16.5′ Span
15′ Door = 25.0′ Span
20′ Door = 33.5′ Span

Custom Arch Tent
Arch Tents

Custom Printing

Arch Tents are completely customizable with your graphics. You can choose to incorporate your design throughout the entire tent or you may choose on just parts which can save some money.

For example, you can print the canopy but leave the walls as 100% black, this would cost less than adding your logo to the walls as well.

Stock Fabric Colours

White | Black | Red | Green | Blue | Yellow are the stock fabric colours available at a lower price. These 420D weight fabrics are not available with printing but can save you money if you want all or just part of your Arch tent Package.

Large Event Tent for Festivals
Ontario Promotional Arch Tent

Walls and Awnings

Most people will add at least 1 awning, although that is optional as well. The maximum you may add is 5. 

The walls can come custom printed single or double sided, or they can be a solid stock colour.

Walls will enhance your tent with more branding opportunities and enclose your area if that is your goal. They are removable and attached with zippers or velcro.


Customize your walls with windows, mesh netting or zippers down the middle so they can act as a doorway.

We can add a header to your awning as a welcome sign, and a whole lot more.

Ask us how we can customize your your Arch Tents to your specifications.

Arch tent printing for Events
Blowup Tent Inflated

Inflatable Dome Tents

Inflatable Dome Tents are quick and easy to set up.

They have many similar specifications as our standard frames and have a maximum size of 26 feet. 

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