Award & Sport Medals

Award & Sport Medals

We offer any shape and sized Customized Medals, created with or without enamel colours.

We can offer a free consultation to assist you to get what is best for you.

With a full range of Die Case, 3D or Stamped Medals, the options are virtually limitless.
We have several stock graphic images to choose from and then you can simply just add your own logo. Or the sky’s the limit if you want to create your own custom design.

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Award & Sport Medals

Our Customized Award & Sport Medals are versatile for any occasion!  You can add your Custom Insignia, Logo, Company Colours, and more. 

We have a variety of Stock Medallion Templates to choose from. We also can include some stock ribbons or you can include your own Lanyard Medal Ribbon.

3D Medallions
Custom Medallions

3D Medals

A great option if you have a graphic that requires a rounded finish. a 3D finish will medallion so much more realistic and interesting.

Die Cast

Die Cast Medals use zinc alloy material, it’s a premium process that takes time and skill. 
Complex designs, hollowed out logos and large sizes all welcome. 

Stamped Award Medal
Antique Looking Medallion

Stamping Medals

Generally made with Iron or Bronze. Iron is of a lighter weight.
Stamped Medals are the most economic of the bunch. There is a maximum diameter of 6mm and 1- 3mm thickness.

Antique Medals

Custom Antique Medals are perfect for military, government institutions, commemorative, as well as individual sports achievement medals of honour. 

Medals with Enamel Colour
Two Sided Sports Medal

Color Filled Medals

Regardless if you medal has 1 or 5 colours, we use our enamel process to ensure vibrancy and beauty. 
These will surely stand out from a distance!

Double Sided Medals

Two Sided are an excellent option when you have a graphic or a theme that has two messages or designs.

Custom Ribbon Options

We have some stock ribbons available or you may custom design your own. Anything from lanyards to more elaborate iron chains and ropes, there are plenty of options to choose from. 


Plating Options

There are several plating options for you to choose from, furthermore you may choose from standard or irregular shapes and sizes.

Black Nickel | Black Dye | Full Color | Antique Gold | Antique Silver | Bronze | Copper | Antique Copper | Antique Bronze | Gold | Silver

Custom Coin Shapes and Finishings

Choosing your Hanging Holds would depend on the ribbon you are using. We can assist you with this, or you may already have something in mind.



Looking to add your Award & Sports Medals as a gift? There are several packaging and presentation options for you to choose from.
Velvet and Wooden Boxes, Cards, and Acrylic all are available. 

Gift boxes for medals

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