Jumbo Backdrop Stand – Adjustable

Jumbo Backdrop Stand

🌟 Introducing Our Jumbo Backdrop Stand – Your Ultimate Companion in Elegance and Durability! 🌟

🔧 Elevate Your Backdrop Game with Commercial-Grade Excellence: Our Jumbo Backdrop Stand is not just adjustable; it’s a game-changer in the world of photo setups! Crafted from top-tier commercial-grade metal, this stand is the epitome of strength, flexibility, and portability.

📏 Size Matters – Customize Your Backdrop Experience: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all setups! The adjustable design of our Jumbo Backdrop Stand ensures that you have the power to customize its size to perfectly match your vision. Whether it’s a cozy corner or a grand event, this stand adapts to your needs seamlessly.

💪 Unmatched Durability – Protect Your Investment: Invest wisely! Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs that compromise on longevity. Our Jumbo Backdrop Stand is a testament to enduring quality. Built to last, it safeguards your investment, ensuring your backdrop stand stands the test of time.

🌐 Portable Perfection – Take Your Studio Anywhere: Need a backdrop on the go? No problem! Our stand’s portability makes it the ideal companion for photographers and creatives on the move. From studio to location shoots, this stand ensures your backdrop is always ready to shine.

💰 Economical Brilliance – Popular for a Reason: Affordable excellence! Our Jumbo Backdrop Stand is not only a top-tier performer but also one of our most economical options. Join the savvy community of customers who have made this stand their go-to choice for quality without breaking the bank.

🛒 Upgrade to the Jumbo Backdrop Stand and Elevate Your Photography Experience! 📸✨


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Jumbo Backdrop Stand

Choose the Jumbo Backdrop Stand for an affordable yet high-quality solution.

While there are many look-alikes on the market, our Heavy Duty Silver Backdrop Stands stand out as a step above the competition.
With upgraded black frames that are unmatched in quality, our backdrop stands offer durability and reliability that you can trust.


For Step and Repeat Logo Walls

This is an excellent stand for a Step and Repeat Backdrop.

It is affordable for graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and corporate events.

Simply submit your logo and we can assist you with your own custom design.

For Trade Shows

This unit is an economical choice for Trade Show Displays.

Its quick and easy setup saves time, and it is completely portable, packing neatly into its own carry case. Ideal for exhibitors on the go, it ensures a hassle-free experience while providing a professional backdrop for your booth.

The convenience and efficiency of this display make it a favorite among trade show participants looking to make a strong impression without the complexity of more cumbersome setups.

For Retail

You can leave your Telescopic Backdrop Stand set up long-term in retail environments.

It is sturdy enough to withstand crowds and is unlikely to get knocked over, ensuring a reliable and professional display.

This stand is ideal for showcasing your brand, promotions, or seasonal displays, maintaining its stability and visual appeal even in high-traffic areas. 

Heavy Duty Frame

Adjustable Backdrop Stand

Your Package Includes

1 x Telescopic Backdrop Stand

1 x Premium Fabric Backdrop
Single or Double Sided

1 x Oxford Canvas Carry Case.

Adjustable Sizes

Each stand is adjustable in size.

We have 3 telescopic stands available with maximum sizes

Width x Height
8 x 8′
10 x 8′
12 x 8′

You can adjust to many sizes

Ultra Heavy Duty

While our standard silver stand offers above-average quality, for those needing extra durability for events on the go, consider our Ultra Heavy Duty Jumbo Stand.

It’s the strongest frame of its type on the market, designed to withstand the demands of frequent use and ensure your display remains sturdy and reliable in any environment.

Custom Backdrops

Fabric vs Vinyl Banners

Our Fabric is a Heavy Duty 250GSM grade which is opaque, non-transparent.
It absorbs the light of a camera flash rather than reflecting it ensuring there are no hot spots in your photography.

Our fabric is foldable and wrinkle resistant and comes highly recommended.

On the other hand Vinyl Banners, can reflect a flash and come in a large roll.
We recommend these for rush orders as we can produce them faster.

Fabric vs Vinyl Banner
Stretch Banner over the Frame

Velcro Straps

We add Velcro to the side of your banner. 

The top and bottom poles are covered by the pole pockets while the side poles would be exposed. 

To avoid wrinkles and waves, we add velcro straps to the sides that you would wrap over the frame for maximum stretching.

Set Up Instructions

How to Set up Your Backdrop Stand

Setting up your Step and Repeat Backdrop or Tradeshow Display may seem daunting initially, but with our instructional video, you can quickly learn the most efficient and effective way to assemble your backdrop stand.

Our step-by-step guide ensures a hassle-free setup for your next event. 🎥🔧👀

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Maximum 90"H x 96" Wide (Regular Duty), Max 96" H x 120" Wide (Heavy Duty)