Backpack Flags

Backpack Flags

Perfect for marketing on the move!

Command attention with our hands free, portable, light weight, backpack flags.

They are perfect for street promotions, large festivals, events, car shows and more.

Each kit comes with a high quality backpack which has adjustable shoulder straps, a removable pole and a replaceable flag.

They are great alternative to a traditional marketing tool.
We offer wholesale rates and bulk discounts.

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Backpack Flags for Street Promotion Teams, Festivals and more!

Backpack Flags are hands-free, lightweight and portable.
If you’re looking to catch attention at the next event, backpack flags raise much higher than the average person’s height, therefore, commanding attention.

They are quite common for Street Promotion Teams for events with large crowds.

Feather Style

Feather Style Backpack Flags are size 17.5 x 41 inches in height.

You can choose the bottom to be convex, concave, straight or angled.

They are also known as Blade Flags.

Feather Flag on a Backpack
Teardrop Style Backpack Flag

Teardrop Style

The Teardrop style is the most common shape. 

The size is 16.5 x 32.5″ inches. 

It has a wider top and gets thinner as it flow down to the bottom of the flag.

Rectangle Style

Block Flags have plenty of advertising space.

The size is 17 x 31.5″ inches high.

The space on top is the same as the bottom so it has room for more information if needs, and you are not constrained by shape.

Rectangle Backpack Flags
U Shaped Backpack Flag

U Shape

U Shaped backpack Flags have a rounded top that is protected by an upper internal dowel. 

The size is 20 x 42″ inches, which is larger than all the other sizes. 

This version does not come with a carry case, but the backpack mechanism is of better quality.

Backpack Flag Kits

Each kit comes with a backpack, a flagpole and a convenient case for storage.

The flags are replaceable at low cost, therefore you can use for several activations annually.

Flag Poles for Backpack Flags
Teardrop Backpack Flag

Double Sided

Our standard is to provide all flags as double sided. 

This ensures that your message is seen on both sides, without having a reverse mirror image on the backside.

You are able to choose 2 designs front and back at no additional charge.

LED Scrolling Backpack

With the help of an app you can download, our LED Backpack can scroll text, show pictures, and has a full spectrum of RGB colours. 

Get your message across as your team promotes to the crowd. 
The backpack opens up for storage and it runs with a portable battery charger located inside.

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