Custom Bandanas 

Our Custom Bandanas can be custom printed to any unique design of your choosing.
The most common ways are adding a paisley pattern, 1 large logo or your smaller logo in a 
step and repeat fashion.

Scroll down on how to convert a Bandana into a Fabric Mask with Hair Ties.
Or you can order Custom Printed Fabric Masks

2 ways to order…..

1. Quote For Print service
2. Give us a call 604-353-1776


Custom Bandanas with Your Logo

You can now Order Custom Printed Fabric Masks

Custom Printed Bandanas have been in fashion for decades. The standard paisley bandana is recognized universally. Add your logo or your own
custom design to add a bit of fashion to your face coverings

Several governments around the world are now recommending to wear a fabric covering, mask or bandana to potentially reduce asymptomatic spread of viruses. They can be worn either traditionally or converted into a mask with hair ties. You can read about that here on CNN.

Our custom bandanas are 22″ x 22″, or your own custom size.
They are made from 100D Polyester or 180 GSM Spandex for a tighter fit. 

How to Wear a Bandana

Custom Headwear

As an alternative to a Bandana that ties up. We also have Headwear wraps that are one singular piece of fabric. 
This style of stretch fabric bandana ensures that there is no need to tie it. As they are dye sublimation printed, there are no limitations on
the colors or designs. 

Custom Face Covering

How to Convert a
Bandana to a Face Mask with Hair Ties

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