Rectangle Feather Flags

Rectangle Feather Flags

Rectangular Flags are also known as Block Flags, or Flying Banners.

They are big and bold, with tons of surface area to print on.
They make a statement for your promotions and events.

They are good to use anywhere outdoors from sporting events to retail stores.


Rectangle Feather Flag Sizes

6.0′   high x 2.3′ wide

8.5′   high x 2.3′ wide

12.5′ high x 2.3′ wide

Custom sizes welcome

+ size of flag pole

See below for sizing details

We also carry 3 sizes of Giant Pole Flags ranging from 13 to 24 feet high.


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Rectangle Feather Flags

Rectangle Feather Flags are beautifully dye sublimation printed on durable 110 GSM fabric with an oxford pole pocket, which is available in black or white.
Their rectangle shape gives a minimalist look with plenty of space on the flag for design.

They are suitable for outdoor use in wind conditions of 21 – 29 km/ph

The first image below shows that you can also customize the flag size. For example you may want the flag to reach all the way to the ground.

Rectangle Flag Sizes Flag Size (Feet) Pole Size (Feet)
  Small 2.3′ x 6.0′ high 10′ high
  Medium 2.3′ x 8.5′ high 14′ high
  Large 2.3′ x 12.5′ high 17′ high
You can add different size flags to poles
Large Rectangle Flag with Water Base

Giant Flag Pole

Our Extra Large Flags come with a Portable Telescopic Pole with a large water base.

They are common to use at stadium events and large festivals as they can be seen from a great distance.

3 Sizes to Choose From

  • 14.0′ Pole with a 10.0′ Flag
  • 16.5′ Pole with a 13.0′ Flag
  • 23.0′ Pole with a 18.5′ Flag

Single Sided

Single Sided Rectangle Feather Flags you will save on cost as they are more economical.

The front is the true image of your design, while the other side is a mirror image.

This is great for logos and vertical text, but will display horizontal text backwards on the backside.

Printing on One Side with 80% Bleed Through

Double Sided

Double sided Rectangle Feather Flags you will get the true image on both sides of the flag.

You can choose 2 completely different designs as we add a block out fabric in the middle so you can’t see through to the backside.

This is perfect when you have horizontal text such as phone numbers that you don’t want your audience to see backwards on the opposite side.

Rectangle Feather Flag Bases

There are many Bases to choose from depending on your needs.
Read about our Rectangle Feather Flag Base and Pole Options on our blog post.
Below you will find a few of our most common varieties.

Spike Base

A Spike Mount is less costly of all the bases

Simply drive it into the dirt and attach it to your Flag Pole.

It’s excellent for outdoors and to maintain stability in windy conditions.

Weight – 2lbs
Size – 20.25 in

Ground Spike for Advertising Flag
X Base for Feather Flags

Cross Mount

An X Mount is about 24 inches wide

They are around 9 pounds and they are for flat surfaces such as the floor or sidewalk

There are other Cross Bases to choose from such as different weights. Some come with pegs so they can spike into the lawn.

Please ask for details.

Water Doughnuts

A water doughnut can be round or square. 

Placing this on top of the X Base gives additional weight and stability.

This item is included in your Cross Base purchase.

Water Doughnut Hardware
Teardrop Flag Bases

Alternative Bases

Iron Flat Base – 11 lbs

Wider selection of Cross Bases with different weights

A Tire Mount to go under a Car Wheel

Wall Mounts and Brackets

Oxford Travel Case

Your purchase includes a carry case which will fit everything including the pole kit, the flag and a base. 

They have adjustable straps along with some pockets, and a business card holder.

Oxford Canvas Carry Case

How to Setup Rectangle Feather Flags

Setup is Quick and Easy!

Regardless of the size of your Flag it should take the same amount of time.

At the end of this instructional video you will see our various shapes other Feather Flags come in. 

Fluorescent Material

Do you have a need to be seen at night?

Are you looking to spread your message 24 hours a day? Consider our light reflective fabric!

We have both Yellow and Orange Fluorescent material available.

We recommend bold darker colours such as black. Avoid lighter colour logos.

Rectangle Backpack Flags

Backpack Flags

Marketing on the go!

Backpack Flags are excellent for big audiences and big crowds!

Available in other shapes such as Teardrop, Feather and U.

The size is 17.5 x 31.5″ inches.

Rectangle Flags for a Tent

Adding Rectangle Flags to your Custom Printed Pop up Canopy Tent is a way to add extra height to get your message across.

They can easily promote more sales and promotions to your audience who are further away.

Rectangle Tent Flags
printed feather flags

Standard Feather Flags

Rectangle Feather Flags are not the only shape available.

We have a variety of options for our Custom Feather Flags that will suit your needs.

They have a rounded top and the bottom is available in 4 shapes including convex, concave, straight and angled which is pictured here.

The 3rd option is our Teardrop Flags which also come in 3 different sizes. 

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6' high x 2.3' wide (Single), 8.5' high x 2.3' wide (Single), 12.5' x 2.3' (Single), 6' high x 2.3' high (Double), 8.5' high x 2.3' wide (Double), 12.3' high x 2.3' wide Foot (Double)