Block Flags – Rectangular Flags

Custom Printed Block Flags and Rectangular Flags

Custom Printed Block Flags are also known as Rectangle Flags, or flying banners
They are big and bold, with tons of surface area to print on.
They make a statement for your promotions and events.

They are good as outdoor and indoor flags, use anywhere outdoors, for sporting events, & retail stores
No minimum orders, no set up fees, no hidden charges.

Available in a variety of shapes
Bow Flags

Feather Flags
Teardrop Flags

Rectangle Backpack Flags

Carry case included

FREE shipping worldwide
Wholesale Rates available

Rectangle Feather Flag Sizes

6.0′   high x 2.3′ wide
8.5′   high x 2.3′ wide
12.5′ high x 2.3′ wide
Custom sizes welcome 
+ size of flag pole

See bottom of page for sizing details

2 ways to order…..

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Custom Printed Block Flags and Rectangular Flags

Beautifully Dye Sublimation Printed on a durable 110 GSM fabric flag with a stitched pole pocket.
They are suitable for outdoor use in windy conditions. They have heat welded edges to prevent fraying, and a black pole pocket.
Rectangular Flags come with a multi-section pole, complete and a carry bag.

Block Flying Banners are suitable for wind conditions of  21 – 29 km/ph

Components consist of a strong sectioned pole. Our superior methods of printing means every one of our flags is manufactured to the highest standard. Each Block Flag is a digitally dye-sublimation printed resulting in excellent colour matching and deep, rich colour contrasts.

How to Setup Rectangular Block Flags

Setup is Quick and Easy! Regardless of the Size of your Flag it should take the same amount of time. At the end of this instructional video you will see our various shapes Feather Flags come in. 

Single or Double Sided Flags

Single and Double Sided Flag Printing

Single sided Rectangle Feather Flags you will save on cost as they are more economical. The front is the true image of your design, while other side is a mirror image. This is great for logos and vertical text.

Double sided Rectangle Feather Flags you will get the true image on both sides of the flag, you can choose 2 completely different designs as we add a block out fabric in the middle so you can’t see through. This is perfect when you have horizontal text such as phone numbers or emails that you don’t want to see backwards on the opposite side.

Spike or Cross Bases

Cross or Spike Flag Base

A Spike Base is more economical of the 2 most common bases. It is excellent for the dirt, snow, grass and so on.

A Cross Base is excellent for hard surfaces such as cement and hard surfaces for both indoor and outdoors.
They include a round shaped water weight.

Other Bases

Heavier Flat Base Plates
Drive over Base Plate
Thicker Cross Bases

Cross Base Spike Drive on Tire Bases
Rectangle Flag Sizes Flag Size (Feet) Pole Size (Feet)
  Small 5.9′ high x 2.3′ wide 10′ high
  Medium 8.5′ high x 2.3′ wide 10′ high
  Large 12.5′ high x 3.6′ wide 13′ high
Rectangle Flag Sizes Flag Size (cm) Pole Size (cm)
  Small 180 high x 70 wide 300 high
  Medium 260 high x 70 wide 300 high
  Large 380 high x 70 wide 400 high

Flag Pole Size

Depending on your individual circumstances, upon ordering medium and small flags you may want the bottom of your flag to reach either all the way to the ground or part way. They are both common. Having your flag higher up is excellent for advertising outdoors on the side of the road whereas the flag being closer to the ground is excellent for tradeshows and retail signage.

Rectangle Flag Options

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6' high x 2.3' wide (Single), 8.5' high x 2.3' wide (Single), 12.5' x 2.3' (Single), 6' high x 2.3' high (Double), 8.5' high x 2.3' wide (Double), 12.3' high x 2.3' wide Foot (Double)