Bottle Openers

Custom Bottle Openers

Create Your Own Custom Bottle Openers.

We have several styles to choose from depending on your specific wants, needs and budget.

Wholesale prices mean that you can purchase these for your company, add your logo and use them as free give aways as a promotional item. They can also be used for resale.


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Custom Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers are quite literally a metal devise to remove caps on glass bottles.
They are a bartenders best friends and also a handy tool that can be put on a keychain to use as needed. 

Add your logo for branding opportunities for promotional give-aways for a gift that your potential clients will always keep on top of mind. 

Metal Bottle Openers

Choose any size and shape with these flat style product. They can be powder coated, printed and etched directly into the metal. 
You can add a keychain ring or leave as is.

A common practice is to add your logo on one side and company info on the backside.

We can even make the fulcrum opening shape to your specifics. 

Personalized Bottle Openers with Logo
Bar Blades

Bar Blades

Also known as Speed Openers these are widely used by professional bartenders who have to open multiple bottles quickly.
The thumb hole on the backside may be used to pull bottles out of the ice.

They can be etched, powder coated, printed in full colour on the entire surface both sides.

Bar Blades can be an inexpensive option as the mold already exists meaning there is no need to create a new one.

Business Card Bottle Openers

A handy tool that will never be forgotten. 

This product is the same as our Metal Business Cards and is 0.8mm and 1mm thick.

Add your business info and present it to your VIP clients as a combination of a calling card and something they will actually keep.

Bottle Opener Business Cards
Custom Magnet Bottle Openers

3D Rubber Fridge Magnets

Never loose your Bottle Opener again by sticking it on your refrigerator.

Collectors, cartoonists and more can add their characters into a custom 3D injection mold with a magnet backing. 

Die Struck Shapes

Create your own custom shapes, with a die stuck mold. We can plate them with different coloured plating, such as gold, copper, nickel and more. 

These are the strongest and longest lasting and you can have 3D shapes. Once you create the mold you can use for all of your future orders at a discounted rate.

Die Struck Bottle Openers
Buttons with Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Buttons

Our Custom Pin-Back Buttons can have the pins and backs remove and you can replace them with a bottle opener prong.

This is an inexpensive swag gift that is fun and can have your own design.

You can add a Keychain or a Magnet to the backside.

Custom Keychains

One of the most common ways to order a Bottle Opener is with a Custom Keychain

This ensures that it is always handy and never lost as you never know when you might need it. 

The fulcrum (opening) can be as an extension to your artwork or hidden in the back. 

Backside keychain

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