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Custom Printed Bunting Flags

Elevate Your Promotion with Custom Printed Bunting Flags! 🎨πŸŽͺ

Custom Printed Bunting Flags, also known as Pennant Strings, are a popular and cost-effective means of advertising, adding a festive and eye-catching element to any setting.

🚩 Pennant Flag Sizes:

4 x 6″
8 x 12″
12 x 18″
or custom sizes to suit your specific needs.

Choose any string size, whether it’s 10 feet or 100 feet, to create the perfect length for your display.

🎈 Bunting Flag Shapes:

or custom shapes to match your branding or event theme.

πŸ”„ Single or Double Sided: Opt for single-sided or double-sided printing based on your visibility requirements.

🌈 Materials Include Fabric, Felt, or PVC Vinyl: Choose the material that suits your preferences and intended use. Both fabric and vinyl options provide vibrant colors and can withstand outdoor conditions.

πŸ€” Fabric vs. Vinyl Bunting Flags:

Fabric Bunting Flags:

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Crafted from standard flag fabric, offering durability.

A common and versatile choice.

Vinyl PVC Pennant Flags:

Ideal for long-term outdoor use, offering enhanced durability.

Known for longevity and resilience.

Whether you prioritize versatility or long-term outdoor durability, both Fabric and Vinyl Bunting Flags provide eye-catching options to elevate your promotional efforts. 🚩🎨

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Custom Printed Bunting Flags:

Our Custom Printed Bunting Flags, also referred to as Pennant Strings, serve as popular wall banners for decorating a range of occasionsβ€”from intimate birthday parties to large-scale events. The most prevalent shapes include triangles, rectangles, and squares, but the option to choose irregular shapes adds a unique touch to your decor.

Tailor the length of the ropes to your specifications, ranging from 5 to 100 feet each. This customization ensures that our Bunting Flags perfectly complement the scale and ambiance of your celebration or event. πŸš©πŸŽ‰πŸŒ

OurΒ  Fabric Flags come in both Single and Double Sided, as well as with Ultra Premium Versions such as with our Showplex Printing Method.

Have a look at our Single vs Double Sided Printing Page for details

Fabric Bunting Flags

These are made from the same High Quality Fabric as our Premium Outdoor Flags.

Excellent for both Indoor and Outdoors.

Fabric Pennant Strings

Vinyl Bunting Strings

are durable and suited well for long term outdoors.

They are made from a PVC Plastic.

They are always printed double sided unless you want the backside white, which can save a bit of cost.

Felt Pennant Strings

Our Highest Quality material available for Bunting Strings is with our Felt Pennant Flags.

They are alway printed on one side, leaving the backside as white.Β 

Felt Pennant Strings

Single or Double Sided

When it comes to Custom Printed Bunting Flags, you have the option of choosing between Single Sided and Double Sided prints, each with its own characteristics:

Single Sided:

Offers about an 85% bleed-through on average.

Your logo or design is visible from both sides.

Common and budget-friendly option.

Double Sided:

Allows for two different images on each side.

Offers a premium look and feel.

Consists of a triple layer, with two flags stitched together and a blockout layer in the middle to prevent bleed-through.

Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness or a premium appearance, the choice between Single Sided and Double Sided Custom Printed Bunting Flags ensures you can tailor your selection to meet your specific needs. πŸš©πŸ’‘βœ¨

Common Sizes

4 x 6″ | 6 x 9″ | 8 x Β 12″

12 x Β 18″ | or Custom

Do keep in mind when choosing a smaller 4 x 6″ inch flag, if the shape is a triangle, then you are losing half the surface area, so it’s half the size of a postcard.

Triangle Bunting Banners
Rectangle Bunting Flags

Rectangle Bunting Flags

This is the perfect shape when you want to display a range of country flags.

It will also give you the most surface area to portray your message.

Triangle Bunting Pennants

This is the most common and traditional shape.

It is very common to see these as decorations at events and retail locations.

Bunting Pennant Flags
Custom Bunting Flags with Logo

Square Flags

A box like shape is often the best use of space when adding some logos to prevent any excess space that a rectangle would.

Custom Shapes

Let Your Imagination Run Free!

There is no need to stick to common shapes and you may choose all sorts of irregular shapes to give your Bunting Flags a fun and unique look.

You may choose different shapes on the same string.

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