Canvas Prints

Canvas Printing

We offer 2 kinds of canvas depending on your needs.

Our natural cotton canvas is much sought after and prints beautifully, while our synthetic canvas is popular among the industry and we can print up to 8 feet wide without seams.

Large Format Canvas Printing

We can print canvas backdrops up to 8′ x 30′.

These are perfect for framing or hanging in a retail setting. It is an excellent alternative to typical vinyl banner printing.

Large Format Canvas Prints can be used for wedding portraits, family pictures, nature scenes and more.


2 Ways To Order

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Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are printed with a 1000 DPI UV printer which produces stunning results.
High quality and low priced Canvas Banners. 

Print your wedding photo, cityscapes, retail applications, logos and more.

Printing on Canvas

Cotton Canvas Prints

A natural Cotton Canvas is our go to product when confirming your sale. 

It has a rustic feel to it, and due to the nature of the product it can sometimes have some minor ink blotch imperfections.
Do not let that put you off though as this is a beautiful product.

The maximum width is 60 inches

Synthetic Canvas Banners

The benefit of using synthetic canvas as that it has sharper images for more realism.

They are used for extra large prints, and are a bit thinner of a material than cotton.

The Maximum Width is 96 inches.

Extra Large Canvas print
Banners with grommets and Pole Pockets

Grommets or Pole Pockets

Depending on how you want to hand your canvas banner, we can include grommets or pole pockets.

Simply let us know your choice and the size of the poles needed for the pockets.

Stretching to a Frame

Leave a 1 inch bleed on all sides if you plan to stretch to a frame to your own.

We currently do not offer framing, therefore your Canvas Prints will arrive in a roll. 

1 Inch Bleed

Beige Background

Our Cotton Canvas Prints start with a white back. This is so that it can be printed on.

If you would like a beige canvas textured looking background in your print, please include it within your design.

The backside is beige and still natural looking and feeling. 

Bamboo Banner Stands

Add a Cotton Canvas Banner onto our Bamboo Banner Stands and Bamboo X Frames.

It goes quite nicely and matches the overall natural theme of the product.

They are perfect for spas, organic retail outlets and places that have a lot of foliage. 

Bamboo Banner Stand

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