Car Seat Headrest Covers

Car Seat Headrest Covers

Custom Printed Car Seat Headrest Covers are popular with industries such as Taxi companies, Uber, Lyft and tour guides.

They have a double sided print meaning you can add graphics to the front and the back.

No minimum orders, and they are typically sold in pairs.



The standard size is 9″ width x 10″ high 
They are meant to stretch so they fit most headrests.

For the best fit please submit your headrest size
Width x Depth x Height


Custom Made Car Headrest CoverCustom Made Car Headrest Cover

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Custom Printed Car Seat Headrest Covers

Custom Printed Car Seat Headrest Covers – The hottest new product on the flag market!
Our custom car seat headrest covers are a terrific way to promote your favourite team, product line, corporate identity, or country. 

Our Standard Size fits most Sedans, and we have we can customize to fit most other sizes.

One Size Fit Most

Our Headrest Covers are printed on a stretch spandex material which fits most headrests. 

This is ideal for companies that purchase in bulk amounts for the entire fleet. 

However if you are purchasing for your personal vehicle, for best results please let us know the size of your headrest Width x Height x Depth.

Printed Seat head Rest Covers
One Size Fits All

Made from High Strength Elastic Spandex

Headrest Seat Covers are printed with a dye sublimation printing process which means they won’t fade peel or crack.

Our seat covers are the perfect way to extend the lifespan of your car headrests while promoting your company or showing your sports enthusiasm.

No Minimum Order. Wholesale Rates available.

You may add as many designs as you’d like at no extra cost.
They are double sided meaning you can add 2 designs front and back. 

car head rest seat covers
Car Seat Headrest printed covers for Taxi

Headrest Covers for Taxi Companies

Taxi Cab and Ride Share companies use these for promotions. 

The front is usually either a solid colour or their logo while the side facing the backseat passengers will promote their message.

There are no limitations or extra charge on the amount of designs you submit.

Promote Your Sports Team

They are not just used for advertising but for all sorts of purposes such as promoting your favourite sports team, your countries flag or showing off your company logo.

Retail packaging with your logo available for those planning on reselling.

Custom printed Seat Headrest Covers
Social Distancing Seat Bands

Do Not Sit Here Social Distancing Seat Bands

Do Not Sit Here Seat Bands have been popular in 2020. 

We can produce any size depending on your needs. 

We have sold these to airlines, bus companies, and stadiums. 

Car Mirror Covers

Car Mirror Covers are great to show off your favourite sports team or to show your corporate identity which is popular to do among delivery drivers. 

We have several other accessories for your vehicle as well such as Car Window Flags and more.

Car Mirror Flags

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