Car Window Flags

Car Window Flags

Custom printed Car Window Flags are excellent for promoting your brand while driving in a parade or just cruising down the street.

Car Window Flags are a perfect way to show support for Sports teams, Countries, Political Rallies Corporate Branding and more!

No minimum order.

Our Premium Flags are made with a durable 110 GSM Fabric which can be single or double sided.
For single use or bulk purchase free give-aways we also have Economy Car Window Flags.

Vehicle window flags

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Car Window Flags – Custom Printed

Looking for a high-quality Custom Printed Car Window Flag with competitive prices?
You’ve found the right place!
No minimum order required, our wholesale flags range in pricing depending on your needs.

You may order 1 or 1000 and still enjoy our Free Shipping. Multiple Designs are welcome at no extra charge.

Our Flags come in both Single and Double Sided, as well as with Ultra Premium Versions such as with our Showplex Printing Method.

Have a look at our Single vs Double Sided Printing Page for details

Single Sided Car Window Flags

Single Sided is printable on a Single Layer. They are available with both our premium and economy poles.

Your custom graphics will be printed on one side and the other side will be a mirrored image. 

Double Sided Car Window Flags

Double Sided Flags have a triple layer.

They are printed on 2 flags and then a third thinner layer in the middle so you can not see the bleed through on the other side.

Single Double Sided Banners Flags

Economy Poles – 17.7″
Slower Speeds, Short Term Use
Single Sided Economy Flag

car flag-plastic-pole for car flag printing

Premium Poles – 19.7″
Faster Speeds, and Long Term Use
Single or Double Sided Premium Flag

Poles for car window flags

Premium Version

A premium pole is built to last longer. It is thicker with a cap on top to prevent the flag from flying off. 

Driving medium speeds is accepted. 

Car Flag Health Care Heroes
Car Window Flag with Thinner Pole for Parades

Economy Version

A thinner pole with a light duty thinner flag. 

These are usually given away as free promotions or temporary shorter term usage. 
Drive with slower speeds with these. 

Teardrop Style Car Window Flags

A unique shape that stands out. It is perfect for advertising your message.

We do not recommend driving with these, they are more meant for stationary vehicles such as car lots.

If you do drive, please drive very slow like at parades.

The size is 12 x 24″

Teardrop Style Car Window Flags
Bulk Wholesale Car Window Flags

Wholesale Prices

We offer some of the best prices in the business!

There is No Minimum Order, you can order as little as 1 piece,  when purchasing in bulk you can enjoy our wholesale discounted rates.

Car Windsocks

If you are looking for something a bit larger, try our Car Windsocks.

They are 5 feet wide x 1.5 feet tall leaving you lots of promotional space. 

They will surely get noticed!

car window windsocks and flags
car window flags

Antenna Flags

Vehicle Advertising is not only meant for the windows.

Add a Custom Flag to your Antenna, they are always double sided, and apply with velcro.

2 sizes to choose from. 4 x 6 inch (Post Card)  or 8 x 12 inch (A4 paper).

Hood Flags

Magnetic Hood Flags are often sold for certain industries to show their affiliations and as well as processions.

The flag is the size of a postcard, the pole is flexible, and the magnet is quite strong. 

Alberta Flag printing
Car Mirror Flags

Car Mirror Covers

Custom Printed Car Mirror Flags are available in 2 sizes, sedan and SUV. Often sold in 2’s for left and right.

Add your own logo, pattern, flag or favourite team!

Free Shipping
Canada locations such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Fredericton. USA areas including New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Austin, Boise, Alabama, Florida. Free shipping worldwide to places including Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, UK, Europe and more!