Crowd Control Barrier Covers

Custom Barricade Covers

Crowd Control Gates for your audience are of utmost importance for an organized event.

They are also a perfect opportunity for a branding experience or for direction control as the crowd waits in line.

You may order your graphics along with our own hardware or we can accept your own custom size to create jackets for your own barricades.

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Crowd Control Barrier Covers and Frames

Barrier Covers customized to your own specification. You can use them for your own barricades or we can offer you the hardware as well. 
They come in 2 sizes and you can print on both sides of the unit.

The complete kit of a portable Crowd Control Barricade is a high quality but light weight iron frame that comes with a  replaceable Tension Fabric Banner that can either fit over like a pillowcase or fit within the middle of the frame with grommets and/or velcro. 

Barrier Jackets

Add a Barrier Cover to your own crowd control gates. 
There are several ways to put the cover on depending on your particular gate.

For example you can slip them over like a pillowcase, or you can adhere them to the edges with ties or velcro.
The size is highly customizable depending on what you need. 

Barricade Jacket
Crowd Control Frame

Crowd Control Frames

High quality frames can be ordered on their own and kept long term where the jackets can be replaced each event.

They come in 2 sizes. 
6.5 x 2.95′ 
3.3 x 2.95′

Spandex Barrier Covers

The smaller frame is closer to a square shape. They are often used on their own when you do not need to form long lines.

This size is most commonly used with directional signage.

Small Barriers
Security Gate Jackets

Custom Security Gate Covers

Security Gate Covers add to your stores experience and custom branding. They are Custom Printed either single or double sided.

We have 3 standard sizes 

16.5x 56.5″
25 x 53.5″
26.5 x 58.5″
or Your Own Custom Size. 

Most Security Gates can work well with our Custom Printed RFID and NFC Stickers.

Sideline Banners

Sideline Banners are often used on the sides of sports games for sponsors and marketing.

They attach to the frame with grommets and come with a Replaceable Banner for 1 or 2 sides.

Available in 2 sizes
36 x 40″ or 36 x 80″

Sideline Banners
Oval Pop up Banners

Oval Pop up Banners

These Peach Skin Style Pop up Banners are different from Barrier Covers as they Pop up and collapse in and out of their own carry case.

They come in 3 different sizes as well as several different shapes. They can be used for crowd control, marketing, signage and more. 

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