Custom Coins

Custom Coins

Custom Coins: Timeless Commemoration for Your Achievements! 🪙🎖️

Commemorative coins and medallions hold a special place in various organizations, especially military and governmental entities. These custom-made coins, often round in shape, can be die-struck into a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Showcase Your Business, Reward Achievements: Custom coins provide a unique way to showcase your business or reward significant achievements. Whether it’s a logo, design, or a special message, these coins can be personalized for beautiful and stunning results. Options include both soft and hard enamel versions.

🎖️ Versatile Sizes and Shapes: The most common size for custom minted coins and challenge coins is 2 inches. However, we offer a range of sizes from 1.25 to 2 inches, and even custom sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs.

🪙 Thickness Options: Choose from thicknesses ranging between 2mm and 3mm to achieve the desired weight and feel for your custom coins.

🌐 Achieve Success with Custom-Made Coins: Custom coins are more than tokens; they are a symbol of achievement and recognition. Whether for military traditions, corporate milestones, or special events, these coins add a touch of prestige to any occasion.

Capture Timeless Moments with Custom Coins! 🪙

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Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Coins and Medallions carry the insignia or emblem of an organization, serving as a symbol of membership, achievement, or recognition. These personalized coins are often exchanged within organizations to commemorate special events or visits.

Elevate the sense of belonging and accomplishment within your group with these unique and meaningful tokens. 🪙🤝


Soft Enamel Coins

The enamel paint is filled within areas below the die. The metal ridges have a textured feel to them. 

Custom Coins with Soft Enamel are an economical choice costing less than other processes. 

Hard Enamel Coins

Hard Enamel Coins have a smooth and flat appearance much more elegant than soft enamel.

They are of extraordinary quality and often referred to as Cloisonné Coins. 

The difference between Hard and Soft Enamel is how high the paint is filled into the dieline. Hard Enamel Coins have a smoother finish.

Cloisonné Hard Enamel Coin
Custom Coin with Epoxy Finish

Custom Coins with Epoxy Finish

A high quality epoxy finish protects the coins from being scratched or faded.

It is filled over your entire design after the enamel painting process. 

Die Struck

The metal is extruded into a molding as per your design to make the pattern and lines to look dimensional.

There are several plating options to choose from which are listed below. You may also fill areas with enamel paint to finish.

Antique Copper and Gold Finish Coins
Custom Coin Frosted Background with Enamel

Frosted Finish

Die Struck Coins have the choice of being polished in the background or for a more antiquated look you can opt for a frosted finish.

Pictured to the right has a frosted background and soft enamel filled color. 

Custom Coins with Special Shape

Coins do not just have to be round. They can be oval, square or any custom shape. 

They are usually 1.5 to 3mm thick and we can specify to your needs as well.

Oval Coins

Plating Options

We offer our Custom Coins with the following plating options.

Antique offers a more subtle matte appearance, whereas high polished is shiny. 

Black Dye | High Polish Black Nickel | Antique Tin | Antique Gold | Antique Silver | High Polish Bronze | High Polish Copper | Antique Copper | Antique Bronze | Antique Bronze | High Polish Silver | High Polish Gold

Diamond Cut Edges

Enhance the visual appeal of your custom coins by adding Diamond Cut Edges.

With several available patterns, these edges add a touch of sophistication and brilliance to your coins.

Elevate the overall design and presentation, making your custom coins truly stand out with a refined and distinctive finish. 💎


American Challenge Coin with Glitter Background

Glitter Backgrounds

Adding glitter to your challenge coins accentuates the look of the coin which can raise it’s value to the collector. 

It is pleasing to the eye and adds more detail. 

Glitter Options

There are several choices of glitter to fill in the back of your custom coins.

We match the glitter in stock with your graphics and you can also add several different glitters to the same coin.

Glitter colours for Enamel Pins

Coin Holders

Velvet Box

Elevate the presentation of your custom coins with Velvet Boxes. These handcrafted boxes provide a stylish and sophisticated display for your coins.

Choose from various color options and add your logo for a personalized touch.
Ensure that your custom coins make a lasting impression by showcasing them in these customized velvet boxes.

Custom Coin Packaging

Each coin will come in a opp poly bag individually wrapped for protection against scratches. 

Coins in Poly OPP Bag
Coin in a PVC Sleeve

PVC Sleeves

If you are looking to upgrade the packaging into something a bit more presentable yet still economical, then a simple PVC sleeve is a good choice. 

Clear Capsule

The clear capsule is a hard protective PVC that can be used to display your custom coins. 

They are often used by collectors and traders. 

Protective Case for Coins
Velvet Pouch for Coins

Velvet Pouch

This is a classy pouch that is soft to the touch.

It can be presented as a gift as it conceals what is inside until it is opened. 

Lapel Pins

We have a wide selection of lapel Pins that are made with many of the same processes as above. 

Order together with your coins for a complete set.

Commemorative Pins

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