Custom Patches

Custom Patches

Custom Patches are an age old accessory to apply to your clothing, hand bags, shoes and more. 

There are several ways to customize and finish your patches and we have explained in detail below.

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Custom Patches for Clothing

Our Custom Patches are available in many shapes, sizes, and finishings. We will assist you with just 4 easy steps.

There is no minimum order, and the most cost effective per piece is when ordering 100+ pieces. 

  1. Choose a backing
  2. Next choose a border
  3. Then choose what kind of finish you’d like.

Backing for Custom Patches

Iron On – Our most popular option. Iron on Patches are quick and easy to apply.

Velcro – You can remove and replace anytime with different designs. 

Sew On – With no backing, this keeps them flexible and best for sewing onto fabrics that have a lot of movement.

Adhesive – They can be removed anytime, great for short term use.

Iron on Adhesive Velcro and No Backing

Finishing Options

Woven Patch for Lions Club

Woven Patches

A woven style patch uses thinner threads than embroidered, which gives them a smooth raised texture. 

They have a finer design which are great for patches with a lot of detail in them.

This is the most cost effective option.

Full Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are used on uniforms when durability is an issue. They can be washed several times. 

They are great for patches that do not have too complex of a design pattern. 

Embroidered Patch
Chenille Patch Letters

Chenille Patches

These are popular mainly on jackets. They are made from yarn which is soft to the touch. 

Chenille Patches are popular with college and sports jackets and give your coat a high quality rich appearance. 

Dye Sublimated Patches

Use this option when you need specific and realistic images with gradients.

They are custom printed in full colour with no limitations.

As they do not use threads they have a very fine texture.

Patch Dye Sublimation Print
Chenille and Embroidery MIx

Mix it up

You may have your heart set on Chenille Patches, but your design is too complex. 

We can mix up different processes on a patch to get you the results you need.

In this example, the Chenille style patch is on the letters while the complicated design of the character is embroidered. 

Patch Borders

Merrow Border

The Merrowed border is a clean and simple design that will give your custom embroidered patches a finished look. 

This border is more common and adds to the durability.

A 1/8″ border overlaps the edge which prevents fraying and is for simple shapes only.

Custom Patch with Merrow Border
Custom patch for Fashion

Heat Cut Border

A hot knife stitched border for Custom Patches with complex shapes.

As you can see in the picture, this shaped patch would not be available with a merrowed border.

It has a 1/6″ satin border stitch around the edge.

Laser Cut Edge

There is no embroidery around the edge.

This precise laser cutting ensures that your patch has the shape exactly as intended. 

Your graphics can go right down to the edge as close as possible.

Embroidered Snake Patch
Embroidered Patch Application

Where to Add a Custom Patch

Our custom patches can be added almost anywhere. They are popular on uniforms and also for fashion such as jackets, jeans, hand bags, and shoes.

Simply let us know where you plan to add them and we can suggest what can be best for you.

Custom Wool Rugs

Some of our hobbyist clients who create and sell patches have been thrilled that their design can also be created with a hand tufted wool rug.

They can be created in any shape and size, and are used indoors in the home or office.  

Customized Rugs

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