Custom Keychains

Personalized Keychains

There are several options for you to choose from depending on the look and feel that you’d like to add your graphics to.

Rubber, Metal, Bamboo, Silicone and more, means that this versatile product line can replicate any logo or idea that you have.

Let’s work together and bring your project to life, allow us to give you a free consultation by sending in your graphics now.

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Personalized Keychains

Custom Keychains can be personalized with your own design.
We have several styles to choose from to ensure we can bring your project back to life. 

Personalized keychains can be engraved with your corporate logo which makes an excellent keepsake for your clientele.
All of our projects are to your own specifications meaning that everything is highly customizable. If you do not see a specific style, just ask.

Enamel Keychains

Made from the same high end process as our Enamel Pins, there are several styles to choose from including soft and hard enamels, and epoxy. 

The soft style has a lower price point and you can feel the grooves and the ridges whereas the hard style is more smooth to the touch with a higher end finish.
These are commonly ordered by hobbyists, and for reselling artists designs on places such as Etsy.

Add a Charm to a Custom Keychain

Key Charms

Add a finishing touch to your keychain by adding a secondary charm. This adds an extra element which can be a different shape and size. 
This can come in handy if you’d like to add your image on the main keychain and your logo on the smaller one.

In this example, the heart is sprinkled with glitter, the logo is soft enamel and the keyring is engraved and attached to a belt loop hook.

Die Struck Metal

Die Struck metal is ordered without colour. There are several plating options such as gold, silver, antique, bronze, black, PMS Pantone, rainbow plating or combine them with the dual features. 

Each side can be different and the recessed and raised surface gives it an interesting look and feel. Complex shapes and patterns are welcome. 

Die Struck Metal
3D Keychains

3D Keychains

Our 3D keychains enable you to run your imagination wild. Choose any shaped three dimensional charm with custom plating and enamel painting.

These are the ultimate in high quality high end designs. They are unique, hard to find and a skilled craft worthy of your personalized designs.

We have these coffee keychains already premade and ready to ship without a mold fee.

Rubber Keychain

The rubber can be moulded into many different sizes and shapes including 3D contour letters. 

They are soft to the touch and flexible with your design able to be double sided.

Custom Keychains
Round Leather Classic Key Chain

Leather Backing

Add a leather backing to a metal enamel tag. 

These are popular with auto companies as they provide a classic look. 
There are several styles to choose from including round, square triangle or your own custom shape.


This style includes a stylish leather strap along with a metal connection part where we can laser engrave your logo.

Your logo can be with or without colour and the metal on top is available in silver or gold. Ask us to see other styles as well. 



Our embroidered keychains are similar to our Custom Patches. 
Choose any size and shape with a multitude of colours. 

We can also offer woven or dye sublimation printed for more complex designs. 

Bamboo Keychains

Keychains made of wood can be etched with your design and cut to shape. 
They are economical enough that they can be used as free giveaways to promote your business. 

It’s not just bamboo, here are several species of wood that you can choose from and the info can be found on the same page as our Wooden Business Cards page.

Wooden Keychains
Touchless covid keychains

Touchless Keychains

We have several loads available ensuring that they can be sold at a reasonable cost.
You can engrave your company details on there for promotional giveaways, and they are available in silver, gold or you may choose your own custom colours.

They come with a rubber tip to use on ATM’s and elevator buttons as well as different hooks and shapes to assist in opening doors.

Bottle Opener Buttons

These Promotional Buttons come in handy when on the beach and you are ready to crack open a cold drink. 

The front is a 2 inch round button where you can add your full colour graphics to it. 

Buttons with Bottle Opener
Back of Keychain Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Keychains

Most of our keychains can include a bottle opener.
This leads to your product being dual practical use and more likely to be kept long term by your client. 


Keep it simple with 1 or 2 colours or go full colour CMYK printing with an epoxy finish.

Add your company or event logo to distinguish from other fobs.

Use these for event access, VIP rooms, loyalty tags and more.

NFC Tags with Epoxy Finish

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