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Custom Pens: Write Your Brand’s Success Story! 🖊️

Custom Pens offer a wide range of options to suit your branding needs. With an extensive catalog, we provide some of the most popular items to elevate your promotional efforts.

✒️ Variety of Options: Find Your Perfect Pen! Choose from a variety of pen styles, colors, and materials. Our catalog includes options not listed on this site, ensuring you find the perfect pen to represent your brand.

🎨 Customization Choices: Tailor Your Design! Your logo can be printed in 1, 2, or multi colors, allowing you to keep it simple or go for an all-over print. We assist you in navigating the details to ensure you stay on budget while achieving the perfect look to promote your business.

🌟 Practical Promotion: Pens for Everyday Use! Pens are everyday essentials, making them a practical and effective promotional item. Stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds with custom pens they’ll use constantly.

Write your brand’s success story with Custom Pens! 🌐✨🖊️

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Custom Pens with Your Logo

Custom Pens can be personalized with your logo and contact details. 
We have several options to choose from including cheap and cheerful to high quality pens.

Use the cheap pens for giveaways at marathons and races where 1000’s are to be given away, whereas the higher end pens can be used to give away at trade shows where you want to portray a good impression to your clients.

Why do Pens make great promotional items?
Simply because they are affordable to give away to masses or people, they are in demand meaning they will actually be used compared to other freebees. Furthermore they can be combined in a tote bag with our Custom Magnets, Mugs and other goodies. 

What kind of pen should you choose?

This would depend on your budget and how much of a customer acquisition cost is warranted. A company pen will likely be seen and used 100’s of times more than a business card, therefore you will want a pen that works well, for long term and looks great. 

On the contrary if it’s a simple giveaway at a parade and you feel it’s more for a one time use type deal then our lower cost pens will do the trick.

What is the best promotional pen?

Custom Pens with Solid Colours – #3139D

Solid bright colours stand out among your competitors. 

There are several colours to choose from and they can be kept long term as they accept parker style refills. 

146 x 11mm
Minimum is 100 pcs

Metallic Custom Pens – #3139A

If you are looking for a high quality pen that looks amazing yet is still inexpensive enough that you can give it away as a promotion, then this metallic pen is the right product for you.

Laser engrave your contact info for a gift for your clients that will be sure to always keep you on top of mind.

146 x 11mm
Minimum is 100 pcs

Laser Engrave Your Logo on a Pen

Chrome Tip Pens – #2280

This high quality pen is with a solid rubber coating with the chrome tip adding a touch of class. 

It can be used with a parker refill.

140 x 12mm

Minimum Quantity is 100 pcs.

Cheap Pens – #201

These cheap and cheerful pens are still of excellent quality and our hottest seller. 

Don’t allow that word to throw you off, as they will look great with your logo. Use them for giveaways at large events.

They have a solid colour barrel, clip pusher and tip. They can be refilled using a slim ball refill.

140 x 8mm
Minimum Order 5000 pcs

Personalized Pens

Metal Barrel – #0206

These black stylish pens have a metal barrel and clip with a plastic clip and pusher. 

In addition they have a stylus touch top and can be used with a parker ballpen refill.

Minimum 5000 pcs

White Metal Barrel – #0204

These also have a metal barrel with a plastic tip and pusher available in several colours 

Custom Pens are available with your own personalized logo.

Minimum Order – 5000 pcs

Company Pens
Custom Pen with Foil

Metal Barrel with Foil Printing – #898

These beautiful pens add your logo with a high quality foil print.

A high quality refillable pen that will be kept and appreciated for a long time.

Choose your own background colour and you can print all over the barrel with your own design. 

136 x 10mm
Minimum 100 pcs

Personalized Pens #2253

Customize your pens with your choice of colour along with your company’s promotional information. 

This has a solid coloured background and fits a slim ball pen refill. 

146 x 10mm
Min. Order is 100 pcs

Custom Logo Pen
Company Pens with Rubber Grip

Rubber Grip #2280

Pens with a Rubber Grip have a white barrel. They are easy and comfortable to write with and prefered by many. 
They also have a classy chrome tip.

140 x 12mm
Minimum Order 100 pcs

Chrome Metal Barrels – 0202

This one has a luxurious metallic finish available with your logo to be lasered onto it. 
We have several colours to choose from. 

Minimum Order is 5000 pcs

Memo pads

Business Stationery

We can assist you with a full package for your company with our Business Stationery Packages

Include Promotional Pens, Letterhead, Notepads, booklets and more.

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