Custom Printed Bandanas

Custom Bandanas 

Our Custom Bandanas can be customized with your graphics and logos

The most common ways are adding a paisley pattern, 1 large logo or a smaller logo in a step and repeat fashion. No Minimum Order.

Standard Bandanas are made from our 100D Polyester which is the most common and comes at the lowest price.

Premium Style Bandanas are made from “Ice Silk Fabric” which are smooth to the touch, breathable and long lasting.

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Custom Printed Bandanas with Your Logo

Custom Printed Bandanas have been in fashion for decades. The standard paisley bandana is recognized universally. Add your logo or your own
custom design to add a bit of fashion to your face coverings.

180g Polyester

Ice Silk Fabric

This ultra high quality fabric is a step up compared to regular bandanas you may have seen. 

It is a breathable polyester fabric that is cool to the touch. 

It has a bit of elasticity to ensure that it fits snug to all body types 

Vibrant Colors

Our Personalized Bandanas are printed in full colour without limitations.

You can add your own logo, background design and you can submit as many designs as you’d like within your order.

Personalized Bandana
How to Wear a Bandana

How to Wear a Bandana

Custom Printed Bandanas are not just for face coverings.

Once the pandemic is over, if you ever have aspired to be a pirate, a gangster or a cowboy, you will soon have your chance. 

Size of a Bandana

Our standard size is 20 x 20″. You may choose any size you’d like. 

They are usually folded in half, so depending on your design you want to create it accordingly. 

The orientation is usually diagonal diamond shape.

22 x 22 Bandana Size
Custom Neck Gaiter

Neck Gaiters

As an alternative we can also provide with Custom Neck Gaiters printed with your graphics.

2 sizes to choose from

Small 19.5 x 10″
Large 19.5 x 18″

Snoods keep the lower part of your face and neck warm in low temperatures.

Winter Neck Gaiter

These gaiters are made from a warm and breathable flannel. It covers half of your face from your nose down to your neck.

Custom printing is welcome and you can add your own designs or patterns. There is an elastic band sewn on the backside to adjust the size.
Size 23.5″ around x 11″ high

Warm Neck Gaiter
Customized Face Mask

Custom Printed Fabric Masks

Personalized Fabric Masks are available in my varieties. 

They are Non-Medical and used for indoor spaces and when you are in close quarters with others.

They are customizable, washable and reusable. 

Custom Doggie Bandanas

Accessorize your pooch with Custom Bandanas for your Dog!

You can customize the size depending on how big or small your furry little friends are.

We add a pole pocket to the top where you can slip the collar through it so it stays on.
We use a lightweight fabric to ensure comfort. 

Custom Doggie Bandanas

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