Custom Wool Rugs

Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

High Quality Custom Wool Rugs and Carpets.

Used for Indoors venues these beautiful rugs are customized to your design.

Hand Tufted Carpets can be used in your Home, Office and Hotel Lobbies.
Anywhere that you would like to promote your handmade rug as a showpiece. 

There are 2 demographics of people who enjoy these sorts of rugs.

Hobbyists, Collectors and Business Owners often submit their logos to add
Custom Shapes and Icons.

Interior Designers enjoy our Full Sized Indoor Rugs which are available in any size including large hotel lobbies.

Submit Your Design
& We’ll Do The Rest!

Let’s Bring Your Design to Life!


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Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

Submit your Icon and our team of Professional Carpet Makers will ensure that your Customized Rug will come to reality.
They are Fully Customizable Wool Indoor Wool Rugs,

Wool Mats are available in any size, or colour.
Standard Pile Heights range from 8 to 12mm.

Custom Shaped Wool Mats

Submit Your Favourite Icon, Logo or even a Cartoon Character and we’ll bring it to life!

These are Perfect for Collectors, Shop Owners, and Hobbyists. 

We can handle complex shapes and designs.

Custom Shapes Mats
Customized Rugs

Add Your Logo to a Mat

Our Mats are not only perfect for the ground, but also for hanging on the wall.

Think of them as a beautiful piece of work of art for the floor.

They are perfect for adding your company logo for your business, as they are durable enough for plenty of foot traffic.

Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

A Hand Tufted Rug uses a tufting gun to punch a design into a rugs backing. 

It is a quick procedure enabling fast turnaround, with mass production capabilities.

Wholesale rates are available. No minimum order. 

Wool Carpet Pile Height

Pile Height

The Standard Pile Height is between 9mm to 17mm is Luxurious and Plush.
Each of our Rugs are backed with 100% Cotton, the surface can be made with 100% Wool, Acrylic, Viscose and Silk.

The higher the height, the more luxurious and plush it is, and also incurs extra cost and weight.

Anti-Slip Backing

Each unit will have an anti-slip backing around the perimeter. 

Furthermore you can add your own branded tags to the backside if they are for resale or made as collectibles. 

Anti-Slip Backing and Tag
Custom Rugs For Home

Custom Wool Mats for the
Home, Office or Hotel Lobby

Customized Rugs are available with Your Own Design or you may choose from a range of our own Stock Patterns.

Finish the look of your Indoor space by color matching precisely with the Pantone Color Matching System. 

Nylon Rugs – Custom Printed

Nylon Rugs are machine printed and are an excellent alternative. 

The reason is that Hand Made Wool Rugs have their own limitations and can not be created with fine details whereas Nylon Mats can be printed with realistic imagery.
They are made with 450 to 1200 GSM Nylon with a maximum width of 13 feet. Finer detailed mats have a lower pile height.

Custom Printed Mats

Polyester Mats

Polyester Mats are the lowest price solution, especially when purchasing in large quantities. 

As they are Custom Printed they can accept a lot more complex designs. 

The quality is really nice, with vibrant colors, however it’s not as high as the Printed Nylon or Hand Tufted Wool Rugs.

Outdoor Logo Mats

Are you looking for an Outdoor Door Mat? 
Our rubber backed Nylon Logo Mats are long lasting, durable and perfect for business.

Designed with high foot traffic in mind. 

Floor Mat Printers
Custom Wool Rug

Create your Own Indoor Carpet

All your need to do to Create your own Indoor Mat is to simply submit your design or Icon. We’ll do the rest!
You are welcome to submit in full color with complex patterns.

Our Personalized Rugs are excellent for Indoor Venues such as your Home, Office, Hotel Lobby, Mosque or anywhere where you would imagine a High Quality Indoor Wool Mat.

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