Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Pins and Lapel Pins are collected by hobbyists and used as fashion accessories. 

They are available with several manufacturing processes ensuring that we have the right style for you.


Common Sizes:

Any Custom Size

To give you an idea of sizes, an American Penny is 0.75″, an American Quarter is 1.0″
and a Half Dollar is 1.5″  inches.


No Minimum Order
However 100 pcs is recommended as there is not a significant difference between anything less and 100 pcs. This is because a mold must be created.


2 Ways To Order

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Customized Enamel Pins

Our Custom Enamel Pins are often used with hobbyists who resell on Etsy, government entities, social clubs and collectors.

There are several processes and accessories available that are available depending on your specific designs and needs.

Soft Enamel Pins

The porcelain enamel is laid within the recessed areas below the dieline. This style is common as they can be more economical to purchase and great for less complex designs. 

Soft Enamel Pins have a textured feel to them and have metal ridges. 

Soft Enamel Pin Flags
Hard Enamel - Cloisonné Lapel Pin

Hard Enamel Pins

The enamel in Hard Enamel Pins is added several times to raise it higher than the soft pin version.
First they are super heated which cures the enamel to harden it, hence the name. Next they are polished to become a smooth surface so that it’s the same level as the dielines.

 They are smoother to the touch, and also commonly known as Cloisonné Lapel Pins.

Die Struck Pins

To make a Die Struck Pin we would first create a custom die of your graphic. A deep impression would be made into a sheet of iron, brass or copper using this die.

Separately, cut to shape molds are used to stamp out the lapel pin design impressions in the outline of the complete design. After that it is onto plating in which several options are available noted.

You may choose to fill with enamel paint or leave as is.

Gold Enamel Pin
Plating Options for Enamel Pins

Plating Options

In most cases we will choose the custom plating as per the design of your Enamel Pin. The most common are Gold, Silver, Black Nickel and Black Dye.
High polished are bright and shiny while the antique versions are more matte in appearance. 

Black Dye | High Polish Black Nickel | Antique Tin | Antique Gold | Antique Silver | High Polish Bronze | High Polish Copper | Antique Copper | Antique Bronze | Antique Bronze | High Polish Silver | High Polish Gold

Glitter Enamel Pins

Add a bit of sparkle and bling with glitter enamel pins.

Glitter can raise visibility and can heighten the value for unique looking pins as it can add more creativity than a standard version. 

multi colour glitter pins
Glitter colours for Enamel Pins

Glitter Colours

There are several colours to choose from. 

We would usually match the glitters in stock with your graphic design colours and you may also choose as well.

You can also add several different glitters to the same pin.


You may add different accessories and backings to your Enamel Pins to ensure that you can attach them to any article of clothing easily.

Most common backing are the | Butterfly Clutch | Military Clutch | Deluxe Clutch

Other Backings Include | Tie tack with Chain | Tie Bar | Stick Pin | Stud | Cufflink | Money Clip | Bolo Tie | Peel and Stick Adhesive | Rubber Clutch | Safety Pin | Flat Head Tie Rack | Round Head Tie Rack | Magnet | Nut & Screw | Cuff Link | Deluxe Clutch | Key Chain | Magnetic Disc | Rubber Clutch

Backings for Pins
Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins can be used on uniforms in places of work to showcase your corporate logo and can act as an ID to show who is an employee.

Furthermore lapel pins will show who is part of your organization and of course they can be worn as a fashion accessory. 

Full Color Epoxy Pins

Sometimes clients will require gradients and complex colours that are not available with the standard enamel process.

For this we offer our full color hard epoxy surface pins which opens up a whole new level of graphic design available.  

Epoxy Pin
Pins with Backer Card

Custom Printed Backer Cards

Use a backer card if you would like to resell in your pins in a retail environment. 

The rack cards can be custom printed on both sides and include a slot punch.  

Custom Engraving

If you’d like to add a personal note, or your specific logo to the back then engraving would be the way to go. 

We can stamp the back to personalize your specific branding. 

Custom Pins with Engraved Stamp on Back.
Custom Case

Velvet Case

Enamel Pins make a great gift. They can be presented at ceremonies for a job well done.

The best way to present your gift is with a velvet case which will be well received by the person getting it.

Packaging for Enamel Pins

Each Enamel Pin comes in standard individual packed poly bags to prevent scratching. 

For more protection we can include a hard acrylic case which provides a nice display, for example at collectors trade shows.

Acrylic Case
Custom Coins with display box

Custom Coins

Die Struck and Hard Enamel Challenge Coins are created with many of the same features and production processes as the pins.

They are often used with government institutions, military commemorative coins and medallions.

Golf Ball Markers

Golf Ball Markers can be sold on their own similar to our Custom Coins, or you can add magnets and clips so that they can be kept handy on your hat brim for instant access.

Use these to mark your spot where your golf ball should be allowing you to lift it.

Golf Ball Markers with Clips and Magnets

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