Exhibition Arch

Tension Fabric Arches

Adding a Tension Fabric Arch to your next Tradeshow is an awesome and unique way to stand out among your competitors.

You can customize your Arch with your own graphics on both sides as well as add features such as Headers for your company logo.


10′ Wide x 8.5′ High x 2.62′ Diameter
10′ Wide x 10′ High  x 2.62′ Diameter
20′ Wide x 10′ High x 3.28′ Diameter
20′ Wide x 12′ High x 3.28′ Diameter

Custom Sized Arches Welcome

Custom Shapes Welcome – Ask!

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Arches for Trade Show Entrances

Did you know that our Tension Fabric Systems can create Arches, Meeting Rooms and More. 
Tension Fabric Trade Show Archways are an excellent way to portray your brand to the masses. 
Arches are highly customizable and made to order.

You may add brackets for screens, headers for those extra personal touches.
These Arches are commonly used for Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Indoor Events.
If you are looking for Outdoor Arches for Races, have a look at our Inflatables

They come with a carry case which ensures that they are completely portable and perfect for the traveller on the go.
Let us know the booth space you have and together we can plan how to incorporate this product or any other Exhibition Display we have. The combination with Hanging Displays, Backwalls and Banner Stands combined with Tradeshow Arches ensure that your event will be a success!


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