Tension Fabric Arch

Trade Show Arches

Adding a Tension Fabric Arch to your next Tradeshow is an awesome and unique way to stand out among your competitors.

All eyes will be on you as the height will ensure that your booth will be seen from afar!

You can customize your Trade Show Arch with your graphics to both sides as well as add features such as Headers for your company logo.

Standard Sizes

10′ Wide x 8.5′ High x 2.62′ Depth
10′ Wide x 10′ High  x 2.62′ Depth

20′ Wide x 10′ High x 3.28′ Depth
20′ Wide x 12′ High x 3.28′ Depth

Custom Sizes and Shapes Welcome

They are available with a round or square top.

Adding a back wall is an excellent alternative to a standard display as it adds a 3D element.


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Trade Show Arches

Tension fabric frames can create Trade Show Arches and Meeting Rooms with their easy to put together snap lock systems.

Our Trade Show Archways are an excellent way to portray your brand to the masses as they rise high above the crowd.

They are highly customizable and made to order which means you can create almost any size or shape that you’d like.

Trade Show Display Arches and Booths

Custom Headers

Optionally you may add a Custom Header on one or both sides of your Archway entrance. 

This will give additional signage where you would add your main logo.

If you have an audience walking through both ways then it is beneficial to have 2 headers, one on either side.

Tension Fabric Arch
Trade Show Arch with Back Wall

Add a Back Wall

Adding a back wall is an excellent alternative to our standard Tension Fabric Displays. 

With a large area used as a backdrop you can also add tables, chairs to convert the area into a Portable Meeting Room.

The size in the picture is 10 wide x 7.5′ high x 3′ depth or you may customize your to your specific needs?

Square Corners

You can choose between round or square corners. 

You also have a choice to add a backdrop such as the image pictured here.

The modern and sleek look of a square cornered archway takes up less height which is useful if your venue has such restrictions. 

Square Arch with Backrop
LED Tower Arch for TradeShow

3D LED Trade Show Arches

If you are looking to Wow your audience and have all eyes on you then a 3D LED Arch is the way to go!

This large custom built frame is 16′ wide x 10′ high.

You can remove the top and just keep the two sides as free standing pillars

Trade Show Booth with Arches

Customized Trade Show Booths

Trade Show Arches can add all sorts of depth and dimensions to your exhibition. 

As they are highly customized, we can work with you to bring your visions to life. 

They can be used on their own or as attachments to Tension Fabric Displays.

Modular SEG Arch

Our Modular Trade Show Arches are highly customizable and of the highest quality.

They require a more advanced set up and therefore more time, they are to work in conjunction with our SEG Modular Displays.

You may choose to have it with or without backlit LED and/or spotlights for the ceiling. 

Modular SEF Arch
Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth

Booth Design

Your Trade Show usually has set limits of the space you can use.

We can help maximize your area by bringing your ideas to life. Here you can see how a series of Tension Fabric Displays along with Custom Arches to connect them brings a creative element that is sure to be memorized. 

Inflatable Arches

Extra Large Inflatable Arches are usually used in an outdoor setting for large events and races.

They are available sealed where you would just inflate them once.

This is better if you are using them indoors, or with a constant air fan which costs less.

Sealed Inflatable Arch
FPV Race Gate Arches

Race Gate Arch Banners

FPV Race gates for drones custom printed and branded with your logo.

They are available in 3 sizes
12.25 x 6.35′ | 9.15 x 4.85′ | 6.5 x 3.05′ 

Each kit includes 2 Spike Bases.

Arch Tents

Another alternative is to use a Arch Tent for your entrance.

They are available with 10′ and 15′ foot entrances and exits with plenty of room inside for registration. 

Arch Tents

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