Feather Flags

Custom Feather Flags

Lightweight and easy to set up this portable promotional tool
is an excellent way to show off your brand to a large audience.

Feather Flags go by many names such as
Bow flags, Swooper flags and Flutter flags.

They are beautifully printed in full colour with no limitations
on an outdoor weatherproof polyester flag.

Feather flags are suitable for outdoor use. They have a black stitched pole pocket with heat welded edges to prevent fraying.

Each kit includes a sectioned strong pole, flag, base and a carry case.


Feather Flag Sizes

6.5′ high x 2.15′ wide (9′ total)

10′  high x 2.30′ wide (13′ total)

13′  high x 2.65′ wide (15′ total)

20′ high x 3.0′ wide (Inflatable)

26′ high x 3.0′ wide (Inflatable)


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Custom Printed Feather Flags

Custom Printed Feather Flags have several sizes, shapes and accessories to choose from.
Here we will explain our best to simplify the options and to ensure you always get exactly what you need.

There are also many names, however they all are ultimately the same thing.
Feather Flags can be known as Blade, Banana, Razor, or Bow. They’re also known as Sail Banners

Swooper Flags are also the same product, however the sleeve on top is a bit different so it can flutter. 

These are best suited for wind conditions 21 to 29 km per hour or 13 to 18 miles per hour.

Feather Flag Sizes Flag Size (Feet) Pole Size (Feet)
  Small 6.5′ high x 2.15′ wide 9′ high
  Medium 10′ high x 2.3′ wide 13′ high
  Large 13′ high x 2.65′ wide 15′ high
15 Foot Feather Flag
Feather Flag - Single Sided

Single Sided Feather Flags

You will save on cost as they are single layered and therefore less materials.

They are dye sublimated printed direct to the front of the flag so you will get a true image of your design.

The back side is a mirror image which may not be ideal if you have a lot of text. 

Double Sided

You will get the exact image on both sides of the flag.

You can choose 2 completely different designs as it’s a triple layer.

We add a block out fabric in the middle between the front and back so it is opaque.

This is great for when you have text such as a phone number that you don’t want to see backwards on the opposite side.

Blade Flag Double Sided
Ground Spike for Advertising Flag

Spike Base

A Spike Base is the least expensive of the 2 most common Flag Bases.

Simply hammer it into the ground and attach it to your Razor Flag pole.

Perfect for outdoor advertising flags to maintain stability in windy conditions.

Weight – 2lbs
Size – 20.25 in

Cross Bases

A Cross Base spans about 24 inches across

They are 8 to 10 pounds and best suited for flat surfaces such as the cement, and indoor surfaces at exhibitions.

There are several Cross Bases to choose from such as lighter or heavier weights, for example some come with pegs so they can spike into the lawn.

Please inquire for details.

X Base for Feather Flags
Water Doughnut Hardware

Water Bags

A water weight can be either round or square. 

Placing this on top of the Cross Base gives additional weight and stability.

This item is included in your X Base purchase.

More Base Options

Iron Flat Base – 11 lbs

Wider selection of Cross Bases with different weights

A Tire Mount to go under a Car Wheel

Wall Mounts and Brackets

Teardrop Flag Bases
Oxford Canvas Carry Case

Carry Case

Your Bow Flag purchase includes an Oxford Canvas Carry Case which will fit everything including the pole kit, the flag and a base. 

They have adjustable straps along with some pockets, and a business card holder.

How to Set up Feather Flags

Setting up Bow Flags is Quick and Easy.

Here you will find a step by step process, including the correct way to set up with a Cross Base and Water Weight.

Fluorescent Night Vision Flags

Fluorescent Flags

Do you have a need to be seen at night?

Are you looking to spread your message 24 hours a day? Consider our light reflective fabric!

We have both Yellow and Orange Fluorescent Banana Flags available.

We recommend bold darker colours such as black. Avoid lighter colour logos.

Custom Shaped Sail Banners

A Custom Shaped Flag will surely get noticed!

It’s a small piece of extra space outside the border that is more likely to get noticed.

Think Outside the Flag!

Sail Banner Double Sided
Concave Style


The bottom of your Feather Flag can be customized with 4 different shapes.

Concave style is often referred to as Blade Flags for it’s sharp looking edge.


If the bottom is convex style that means that it bends outwards.

This allows you more space for your graphic design if needed.

Some places refer to this as a Banana Flag.

Convex Bottom
Sail Banner


A straight bottomed flag is sometimes referred to as a Sail Banner.

Clean and to the point, this shape catches the wind quite well.


Angled Flags are common with both Feather and Swooper Flags.

In this way the wind will be more prone to catch on top and move around more to catch attention.

Angled Feather Flag
Large Inflatable Flag

Giant Inflatable Feather Flags

This is about as large as they can get! These inflatable flags are available in 2 heights which are 20′ and 26 feet. 

It’s a perfect oportunity for outdoor events or in any occasion where you require you message to get across to the masses. 

They come with an electric pump and compliment our other items such as our Inflatable X Tents

Swooper Flags

What are Swooper Flags? They have a half rather than a full sleeve so that they catch and flutter in the wind much more than other styles.

They are most commonly seen in car lots to advertise sales. 

Without wind they droop and your image will not be seen as much. 

Swooper Flags
Feather Flag on a Backpack

Backpack Flags

Marketing on the go!

Backpack Flags are excellent for large scale events with big crowds. They are sure to get you noticed.

They are also available in shapes such as Teardrop, Rectangular and U.

The size is 17.5 x 41″ inches.

For the Tent

Brackets are available to use with your Customized Tent

It gives that extra branding space plus the flag is replaceable so you can change your message depending on the event.

Tent Flags
Desktop Feather Flags

Table Top Flags

Mini Feather Flags for the Desktop in the office are a great way to present signage.

If you order several Table Top Flags remember that there are no limitations on the amount of images that you submit and that it’s no extra charge.

There are several options to choose from.

The size is 5.5 x 18 inches high

Quality Construction

High quality materials and construction will ensure that they last for a long time. 

The attention to detail, corporate color matching, and craftsmanship puts us ahead of the game compared to our competitors!

Feather Flag manufacturing

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6.5' high x 2.15' Wide (Single), 10' high x 2.3' wide (Single), 13' high x 2.65' wide (Single), 6.5' high x 2.15' Wide (Double), 10' high x 2.3' wide (Double), 13' high x 2.65' wide (Double)