Non-Skid Floor Stickers

Non-Skid Floor Stickers

Floor Sticker printing is an excellent way to promote your brand.
People often walk with their heads looking down, and what better way to reach them with your message than from the ground up.

Long lasting, scratch resistant and non-skid ensures that even though your brand is being walked on, it still comes out strong and looks great.

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Frosted Non-Skid Vinyl Floor Stickers

Turn your floors into valuable marketing and advertising space.

Custom Floor Decals are a great way to get your audience to notice your graphics as they pass by. 

Made from high-quality 3M vinyl that offers high resistance and durability. You can place floor stickers graphics in heavy traffic areas.
The anti-skid, anti-slip and anti-scratch nature of the product keep it looking new for a long period of time.

Physical Distancing Floor Stickers

We now offer a variety of Social Distancing  Floor Stickers. They are excellent for supermarkets and local businesses to maintain distance and to maintain a level of safety.

We can offer a variety of designs or you may choose your own.

The standard size is usually around 12 inches.  

Physical Distancing Stickers

3M Anti Slip Floor Decals

These are excellent for long term floor stickers in retail locations and are meant to stand up to heavy traffic. 

They have a textured feel to them to help prevent people from slipping. 

Custom Shapes and Arrows

We can cut any custom shape you’d like. Multiple shapes are available within the same order.

Any size is available however please note that larger sizes require professional installation. 

Floor Decal Arrow
Floor Stickers for Social Distancing

Reflective Floor Decals

Custom printing your graphics on reflective stickers ensures high visibility and safety. 

We can print any colour, shape and size. They are often used at the workplace, warehouses and recently for social distancing. 

High Tack Decals

Long term high tack stickers are used in areas where you would expect a lot of wear and tear beyond average foot traffic. 

This includes workplaces, and loading docs.

High Tack Stickers are often used outdoors on sidewalks where the ground is dirty where regular adhesives won’t last. For best results a professional installer has the right tools to apply to rough surfaces.

They are also common to apply on sporting goods, car bumpers and other hard to stick on surfaces. 

High Tack Long Lasting Sticker

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