Foil Stamped Cards

Foil Business Cards

Foil Stamped Business Cards are an excellent touch to put some luxury into your cards.

You can boost your cards appearance by adding a mirror-like, metallic reflective foil.

Plastic Cards are the size of a credit card and usually used for high end business cards.


We have 2 choices of paper which are a standard matte finish and thicker luxury cards.


Our clients have also added foil to labels, envelopes, postcards, wedding invitations and more.


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Foil Stamped Business Cards

Foil Business Cards offer a unique application adding texture and a touch of class!

It’s always been a challenge to get your prospective clientele to take notice of your card.

Adding a gold or silver stamp adds a luxurious metallic look and feel, unmatched by any other product.

We provide a variety of both plastic and paper cardstocks

Gold and Silver Foil Stamped Business Cards

The most common choices for Foil are Gold and Silver.

They are available in both shiny and matte. 

These 2 colours are always in stock and readily available ensuring the quickest turnaround time for your cards. 

Gloss PVC Card with Gold Foil
Red Foil Stamped Card

There are Several Foil Colors to Choose From

There are dozens of foil colours to choose from. Simply send us your graphic design and we can do our best to match as close as possible.

Some foil colours include Red | Green | Blue | Copper | Rose Gold | Pink | Pearl White | Black

Some foils may be in stock while others would have to be ordered which may cost a bit more and take more time. 

14 pt Paper Business Cards with Gold/Silver Foil

The best quality for the lowest price point with a low minimum order of just 100 pcs.

These high quality, matte laminated, standard thickness cards have a raised 2pt mirror like reflective metallic foil available in gold or silver.

Copper Foil Cards Matte Black
Membership Card with Holographic Stamp

Laser Holographic Foil

Laser Foil is unique as it reacts to the light reflected upon it. When you move your card, the colours will change. 

Holographic foil can be added as a security feature on your cards or as a rare unique touch that will only be seen on your cards.

Transparent Cardstock

Transparent Business Cards are already unique. 

Adding further personal touches will enhance the look of the card allowing for maximum creativity. 

Gold Foil Transparent Cards
Foil Edge Business Cards

Foil Edge Cards

These are best reserved for thicker cardstock such as our Premium Business Cards

Custom Foil Business Cards when using our thicker paper, can have the process on the front, back and sides.

Raised Foil Business Cards

Raised Foil is available on our 14pt Matte Laminated Stock, which is a standard thickness. 

The raised foil is available in silver and gold and gives an ultra-premium look and texture.

Name Card with Raised Gold Foil
Brushed Gold Foil Business Cards

Brushed Foil Business Cards

Brushing the foil on your card is a process that will get the maximum amount of light reflectiveness. 

It is an extra step to add character and a unique look. 

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift Card Sleeves are an excellent way to promote your brand even further while protecting the cards.

Foil Stamping will add an element of luxury. Foil Stamped Card Envelopes can be with or without custom printing.

Choose a matte black unprinted background for high contrast and stunning results. 

Matte Black Gift Card Envelope with Gold Foil
Blue Foil Kraft Paper Cards

Tickets, Postcards and Invitations

Wedding invitations are commonly given the extra touch of class with the addition or foils.

Tickets are often given a stamp for security features that are difficult to copy, especially with unique colours. 

Postcards, brochures, folders and more are also available. Pictures is our brown Kraft Paper.

Metallic Labels

Metallic Stickers use foil to reflect light and are more likely to get noticed. 

They are commonly used on bottles and other premium packaging.

Metallic Labels

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