Custom Magnets

Custom Magnets

Custom Magnets: Make Your Message Stick Anywhere! 🚗🏢

Custom Magnets are versatile promotional tools used on vehicles, fridges, and businesses for signs. With a low minimum order of just 25 pieces, these magnets are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

🚗 Car Magnets: Drive Your Brand! Car magnets, available to be purchased at just 1 piece, turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. With die-cut shapes and vibrant printing, your message will stand out on the road.

🏢 Fridge Magnets: Decorate and Communicate! Fridge magnets are perfect for decorative purposes, adding a touch of personality to your space. You can even opt for laminated and writable surfaces for added functionality.

🌐 Customization Options: Tailored to Your Needs! Custom Magnets are available in a multitude of sizes and die-cut shapes to suit various needs. Whether it’s for business signage, vehicle branding, or decorative fridge magnets, the options are endless.

Make your message stick anywhere with Custom Magnets! 🌟🧲✨


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Custom Magnets

Enhance your promotional efforts with Custom Magnets, available in various sizes and die-cut shapes to suit diverse needs. Fridge Magnets serve both decorative and functional purposes, offering the option to add laminated and writable surfaces.

Ideal for trade show swag, convention giveaways, wedding gifts, magnetic calendars, note pads, and even for cars.
Unlock creative possibilities with personalized magnets for a memorable and versatile promotional tool. 🧲

Custom Fridge Magnets

For Custom Magnet orders from 25 to 500 pcs the thickness is 14pt and we have the following sizes available

2 x 3.5″ 4 x 3″ 4 x 6″
4.25 x 6″ 4 x 7″ 4 x 8″
5 x 7″ 4 x 11″ 5.5 x 8.5″

For orders over 500 pcs we can customize your order to any size and die cut shape. 
There are also other thicknesses available upon request. 

Die Cut Magnet for Fridge
Business Card Magnet

Business Card Magnets

Want to stay on top of mind?
There is maybe no better way than a Magnetic Business Card.

Add a Die Cut Shape for some extra impact. 

3D Rubber Magnets

Silicone Fridge Magnets can come individually retailed packaged with your own branded package, and you can purchase in bulk with our wholesale prices.

Any size and shape can be created including complex cut outs.

As we need to create a mold to make each design it is recommended to purchase at least 100 pieces.

Custom Bottle Opener Magnet

Our Custom Bottle Opener Magnets are a handy tool for your clientele. 

They are easy to resell, useful and can include your own logo, branding or graphic design.

They make excellent gifts and swag for your clients to always keep you on top of mind.

Wooden Magnets

Create Wooden Magnets with several species including Bamboo, Cherry, Beech, Birch and and Basswood. 

They are available in several thickness and can be Etched or Printed on.
Retail Packaging is available.

Custom Car Magnets

A 30mil Custom Magnet for Vehicles is available with no minimum order in several sizes. 

9 x 9″ 9 x 12″ 9 x 18″ 9 x 24″ 12 x 12″
12 x 18″ 12 x 24″ 18 x 18″ 18 x 24″ 24 x 24″

Die Cut Car Magnets  and special sizing is available with bulk purchases. 

Folding Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks are a high quality long lasting bookmark that will be sure to inspire.

They can be cut into any die cut shape, and can be packaged for retail sale including backing cards.

Resin Magnets 3D

Resin Magnets

Epoxy Resin magnets are used on refrigerators. 

They give a 3D like appearance that magnifies your design underneath. 

Sheet Magnets

The benefit of a sheet magnet is that you can add plenty of die cut shapes onto a standard size. 

This can save a bit of money rather than submitting several designs. 

Sheet Magnets Die Cut
Notepad for Fridge

Magnet Notepads

Custom notepads with magnetic backings. They come with pads of 50 pieces of lined paper. 
The top portion can be your company logo and information making this an excellent gift for your clients.

You may choose your own specific size.

Magnet Thermometers

Add a Thermometer to your graphics to ensure that your clients have a handy purpose to come back to the fridge to interact with your promo.

We can customize any size and graphics and you are free to add other accessories as well. 

Custom Printed Thermometer Magnet for Fridge
Fridge Magnet with Notepad

There are several options to choose from

🧲 Fridge Magnets
🌡️ Thermometer
📝 Message Board with Erasable Pen
🖼️ Fridge Photo Frame
📚 Folding Bookmarks
🔘 Magnetic Buttons
🗒️ Magnetic Notepad
🎨 Epoxy Fridge Magnet
🏺 Ceramic
🧁 3D Rubber and Silicone Molded

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