Gift Card Envelopes

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift Card Envelopes: Say Thank You with a Personal Touch! 💳🎁✉️

Gift card envelopes are a thoughtful way to express gratitude to your intended audience, combining the practicality of a gift card with a personalized touch through custom envelopes.

Fully Customizable: Tailor the size and shape of your gift card envelopes to your preferences. Most options include a writable surface with signature panels, allowing you to add a personal note, recipient’s name, and the sender’s details.

💌 Versatile Options: Choose from a variety of options, including envelopes or rack cards, depending on how you plan to present your gift cards. These options provide flexibility for different settings, whether it’s a personal gift or part of a retail display.

🌐 Express Your Appreciation: Gift card envelopes are more than just a practical way to share a gift; they’re an opportunity to express appreciation. Customize the design, add a personal touch, and make your recipients feel valued.

🎀 Elevate Your Gift-Giving Experience: Enhance the overall gift-giving experience with custom gift card envelopes. The attention to detail and personalization will leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Create Memorable Moments with Gift Card Envelopes! ✉️

Standard Size

60mm x 90mm (2.36″ x 3.54″)
to fit a standard credit card size

Custom sizing available

2 Ways To Order

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Gift Card Envelopes and Card Sleeves

Enhance the presentation of your gift cards and membership cards with custom-printed Gift Card Envelopes. These envelopes are tailored to your specifications, offering a range of options such as matte or gloss laminate, spot UV, and foil stamping.

Elevate your branding and provide a polished touch to your gift card packaging. 🎁💌💳

Foil Stamped Gift Card Sleeves

A little bit goes a long way. Add a touch of luxury to your envelopes.

Pictured here an envelope with copper foil and a Matte Black Stock. 

It will be a pleasure to receive even before opening it!

Gift Card Envelope - Matte - with Copper Foil
Gift Card Sleeves with Writeable Surface

Writable Surface

Your clients will appreciate a personal note with their name on it. 

Let us know in advance if you require the option to write on the sleeve with a ballpoint pen. 

Slide In Feature

Premium Slide In Holders

Large Gift Card Envelopes have a feature where the internal element slips into its own gift box.  

They have a Matte Black or Pearl Paper Cardstock with a place to place your card.

This style is often used for premium giveaways to VIP clientele. 

Multi Color Card Holders

Slide In Envelope Options

Our Premium Slide-In Cards are available in sets of 100 pcs.

They are available in several different colors with Pearl Paper
or a Matte Black Card Stock.

Custom Printing or Foil Stamping available.


Offset Printing

The offset printing process is excellent for large orders as it significantly brings down the costs.

While our minimum order is just 500 pcs, you will find substantial savings per card with orders of 1000, 2500, ++

Personalized Gift Card Sleeve printing
Cards with Slot Cuts

Custom Printed Gift Card Holders

Our gift card holders are available with your specific dimensions. 

We can add 2 slots for your card or if ordered together we can glue them in to ensure they are secure and ready for retail.

Each Rack Card can be hole or slot punched.

Die Cut

Our Gift Card Envelopes are folded and glued to your specifications, furthermore if you have any specific shapes and sizes, then die cut is available.

Pictures here is our Matte Black stock where you can purchase as is, or add foil and/or white ink. 

Die Cut Matte Black Business Card Holder
envelopes with foil

Foil Stamped Mailing Envelopes

Send your envelopes with a bit of class. We have several different foil stamping colors that we can add to match as close as possible to your colour palette. 

These are popular with events that require the invite to have a bit of extra pizazz such as wedding invitations.

They are available in any shape or size with several paper stocks to choose from.

Plastic Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Your Business are custom printed to your specifications. 

We can add data such as barcodes, variable names and numbers and more. 

Order with a set of card sleeves and save!

Matte Black Cards with Copper Foil

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