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Gold Metal Cards: A Luxurious and Memorable Impression for Your Business! πŸ¦πŸ”Ά

Make a lasting impression with our Gold Metal Cards, portraying a luxurious and memorable effect for your business. Our studies have shown that potential VIP clients are more likely to keep your business card, turning it into a coveted keepsake rather than a disposable piece of paper.

🎁 VIP-Worthy Design: Gold Metal Business Cards add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to your brand. People often ask for your card before you even get the chance to offer it, as others proudly showcase your card as a symbol of prestige.

πŸ“ Versatile Sizes and Shapes: Choose from standard sizes like 85mm x 54mm (credit card size) or 3.5 inch x 2 inch (business card size). Custom sizes and shapes are also welcome, allowing you to create a card that perfectly suits your brand identity.

πŸ“ Variety of Thickness Options: Select the thickness that suits your preferences and needs:

0.3mm: The most common for its economic price point.

0.5mm: Thicker and higher quality, offering a more substantial feel.

0.8mm: Ideal for specialty uses and heavier applications.

1mm: Reserved for unique and premium applications.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: If your card has a lot of cutouts, consider 0.5mm thickness to maintain strength and reduce flexibility.

Elevate Your Brand with the Opulence of Gold Metal Cards! πŸ’ΌπŸŒŸ

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Gold Metal Business Cards

Make a lasting impression with Gold Metal Business Cards! Elevate your brand image with premium luxury business cards that feature gold-plated metal.

The creative possibilities are endless, and our team can assist you in designing a standout business card that ensures you leave a lasting impression.
Aim for a return on investment by wowing your clientele and ensuring they remember you. ✨


Brushed Effect

Enhance the allure of your Gold Metal Business Cards with a brushed effect, adding a sophisticated sheen that glistens and demands attention.

This premium add-on is reserved for the best-designed cards, ensuring that your business cards stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Elevate your brand with the luxurious touch of brushed gold.

The Frosted Effect

The Frosted Effect on Gold Metal Business Cards offers a unique form of etching, providing texture and visual interest.

This option, while more cost-effective than brushing, still adds a touch of sophistication to your cards.
The frosted finish ensures that your prospects are compelled to examine the card, creating a memorable and engaging experience.

Make a lasting impression with the exquisite combination of frosted elegance and gold allure.

Laser Guided Cutouts

With Metal Cards, you have the freedom to explore unique customization options, and laser guided cut outs are a standout feature that can elevate your cards to new heights.

Impress your clientele with a one-of-a-kind look, whether it’s cut out letters, your logo, or a custom pattern.

Laser Etching

With laser etching, intricate patterns can be created, lending your cards a unique and captivating texture that sets them apart.

To further enhance your design, consider filling the etched areas with ink.

This not only adds visual interest but also protects the design from rubbing off in your wallet, ensuring your cards remain pristine over time.

Polished Gold Mirror Cards

Introducing our Polished Gold Mirror Cards – where luxury meets sophistication in a shimmering display of excellence.

Shiny, spectacular, and truly wonderful, these cards offer a polished mirror look that sets you apart as the best of the best.

Reflect your commitment to quality and prestige with our Polished Gold Mirror Cards – the ultimate symbol of success and refinement.

Matte Finish

Opt for a Matte Finish on your gold metal business cards for a subtle and modern touch.

While a glossy finish may be flashy, a matte background offers a cleaner and more understated aesthetic, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated look.

The absence of glare lends a clean and modern appearance to your cards, creating a pleasing visual experience for the recipient.

Choose Matte Finish for gold metal business cards that exude elegance and professionalism without the need for extra flashiness.

Lace Gold Cards

Enhance your brand image with Lace Gold Metal Cards! Choose from a variety of 28 different stock patterns or customize your own lace design.
These unique metal cards add an elegant touch to business cards, luggage tags, and more.

Make a statement with Lace Gold Metal Cards that showcase your distinctive style. ✨

Full Colour Coverage

With this option, you can add a full-color background to your cards, incorporating borders, patterns, or other subtle elements that complement your logo.

This approach offers a balance between boldness and subtlety, allowing your logo to remain the focal point while still providing a visually engaging backdrop.

Make a statement with Full Colour Coverage, creating cards that are both eye-catching and elegantly understated.

More Metal Card Options

Rose Gold Metal Cards

Indulge in the elegance of Rose Gold Metal Cards – a luxurious addition with a touch of sophistication.

With their captivating pink hue, Rose Gold Cards exude beauty and charm, adding a sense of luxury to every interaction.

Perfect for occasions when you desire understated elegance, Rose Gold Cards strike the perfect balance between opulence and subtlety.

Rose Gold Metal Card
Stainless Steel Business Cards

Silver Metal Cards

Silver Metal Business Cards stand as a timeless classic, offering the epitome of sophistication and professionalism. They boast all the same features as gold, ensuring versatility and elegance in every design.

For those seeking to cater to varying client experiences, some opt to order both silver and gold metal cards. This strategic choice allows for a tailored approach, offering the perfect card to match each client’s preferences and expectations.


Plated Metal Cards

Elevate your brand with our Colour Plated Metal Business Cards – a perfect fusion of style and individuality.

Choose from a stunning array of hues including Matte Black, Blue, Red, Purple, White, and more, allowing you to tailor your cards to match your brand aesthetic seamlessly.

Premium Card Holders

Slide In Card Holders

For VIP clients who deserve the best, choose from a variety of options including Slide-In Card Holders, Card Sliders, Half Card Holders with Red Foil, Card Envelopes with Foil, Card Sleeves with Gold Foil, and Gift Card Envelopes with Matte finish and Copper Foil.

Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or classic elegance, we have the perfect solution to showcase your cards in style.

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