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Gold Metal Business Cards

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Gold Metal Cards portray a luxurious and very memorable effect for your business.

Our studies have shown that your potential VIP clients are far more likely to keep your business card rather than tossing it to the side like a paper one.

In fact people will often ask you for your Gold Metal Business Card before you give it to them as other people are showing off your card!


85mm x 54mm (Size of a credit card)
3.5 inch x 2 inch (Size of a Business Card)

Custom Sizes and Shapes welcome


0.3mm | 0.5mm | 0.8mm 

0.3mm is the most common due to its economic price point.

0.5mm is a thicker and higher quality card which is more substantial.

Tip: If you have a lot of cut outs in your card consider 0.5mm to maintain its strength so it’s less bendable.

0.8mm is the minimum we would use for a bottle opener card, it’s a beautiful quality and very heavy.

1 mm is reserved for more specialty uses.

Lace Gold Metal Cards

Lace Gold Metal Cards

Click here for a list of Designs

Lace Gold Metal Cards are available in many designs, simply click the link above for a document of the 28 different stock patterns to choose from.

You may also design your own lace pattern or alter the ones we already have.

We have seen people use these on everything from business cards to luggage tags to everything in-between. 

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Gold Metal Business Cards

Looking to WOW your clientele and make an amazing impression? Gold Metal Business Cards are the way to go!

Clients who are looking for a Premium Luxury Business Cards often turn to Gold Plated Metal Cards.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity as there are many options to choose from.

We can assist you to ensure you have a well designed business card to ensure that your prospects are wowed and you are remembered.
A return on investment is the ultimate goal.

Brushed Effect

The brushed effect adds a sheen that glistens and is sure to get noticed.

It is a premium add-on reserved for some of the best designed cards.

Metal Membership Cards
Frosted metal Gold Business Card

The Frosted Effect

This is a form of etching and less of a price than brushing. 

Adding texture ensures that you prospects examine your card as soon as they get it, taking notice.

Laser Guided Cutouts

There are several options on Metal Cards that are not available on Paper or Plastic Cards.

Cutouts are very precise and you can be very creative with your designs. 
Spectacular results and endless possibilities. 

Gold Metal Cards with Cutout
Gold Card Beverly Hills California

Laser Etching

The laser etching process can be used to create intricate patterns and give your cards an interesting texture.

You can fill your etched area with ink which will protect it from rubbing off in your wallet. 

Polished Gold Mirror Cards

Shiny, Spectacular, wonderful!

Adding a polished mirror look to your Gold Metal Business Cards is an opportunity to reflect as the best of the best.

Mirror Gold Metal Business Cards
Gold Metal Card with Matte Finish

Matte Gold Background

A matte background is a bit less flashy and sometimes that is the specific goal. 

They have have a clean and modern look that eliminates glare which can be pleasing to the eye. 

Full Colour Coverage

Add a full color background, and leave the pattern of your logo. In this way you can add a border, patterns and in many ways it can be a bit more subtle and not overwhelming.

Gold Metal Gift Cards
Rose Gold Metal Card

Rose Gold Metal Cards

Think Pink! Rose Gold Cards are truly beautiful adding luxury with a bit of elegance. 

For times when you don’t need to be too flashy.

More Metal Card Options

Add some Bling!

Diamonds and Jewels will add an “over the top” look and give the “Wow factor.”

A Truly Luxurious Option!

Metal Card with Jewels
Stainless Steel Business Cards

Silver Metal Cards

Gold, Silver, Bronze. 1 – 2 – 3

We got them all. You can mix and match and it’s a great idea if you have different membership levels.

Matte Black

Matte Black Coated Cards are a premium card that one would rarely come across.

Gold is not the only colour that extrudes opulence!

Matte Black Metal Cards
Matte White Metal Business Cards

White Coated Cards

Coated Metal Cards can match the particular business that you have.

Using your primary logo colour on your business card is important.

Blue Coated Cards

It’s like a brand new car!

These are probably the most unique cards out there.

Excellent for gifts, swag and promotional opportunities. 

Blue Coated Metal Cards
Red Coated Metal Business Card

Red Brushed Cards

The color red is most associated with energy, passion, and action.

Associated with strength, energy, war, danger, power, desire, and of course love.

Purple Brushed Cards

Often associated with luxury, power, wisdom, creativity, and magic, it is the balancing color between red and blue’s color psychologies.

Light purple has a more feminine energy, bright purple is associated with richness and royalty, and dark purple represents sadness and frustration, according to Color Psychology

Purple Metal Business Cards
Bronze Metal Cards Gun Metal

Gun Metal

Gun Metal is also known as Red Bronze.

It’s a bit bolder than Rose Gold and has an antique looking style to it. 

Green Bronze

Clients choose Green Bronze Metal Cards when they want a unique look that is rare and difficult to find elsewhere.

This is the same sort of look when pennies get oxidized or the rooftops of buildings.

Bronze Metal Cards

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