Golf Flags

Custom Golf Flags

Elevate Your Golf Course with Custom Printed Golf Flags!

🌟 Make a Statement at Every Hole: Transform your golf course into a personalized showcase with Custom Printed Golf Flags! These flags are not just functional; they’re a vibrant expression of your brand or event at every hole.

🎨 Custom Printing for Limitless Designs: Unleash your creativity with full-color printing, allowing for limitless design possibilities. Express your brand or event with vibrant graphics that catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.

🛡️ Plastic Holder for Proper Instalment: Each flag is meticulously hemmed with a plastic holder, ensuring a secure and professional display on the golf pole. Elevate the visual aesthetics of your golf course with flags that reflect attention to detail.

🏞️ Material Options for Performance: Choose the material that suits your needs:

Lightweight 110 GSM Polyester: Ideal for windy conditions, providing excellent flying performance.

420D Polyester: Higher quality and more rigid, offering durability and a premium feel.

🏌️‍♂️ Stand Out on the Golf Course: Whether it’s for branding or event promotion, these high-quality, customized golf flags are your key to standing out on the golf course. Make every round memorable! 

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Golf Flags 

Elevate your brand visibility on the golf course with our custom Golf Pin Flags!

Perfect for all weather conditions, these flags add a touch of sophistication to each hole. Whether you choose unique designs for each round or a consistent image across all 18 holes, these flags make a lasting impression on golfers, turning your brand into a part of their golfing experience.

Mark your presence where business deals happen—on the golf course. ⛳🏌️‍♂️

Flag Size

Golf Flags are most commonly ordered in the following size.

20 x 14″
This size is the standard so we can fit the plastic adapter tube for the golf pole.

Custom Sizes Are Welcome
Available Single or Double Sided

Golf Pole Flags with Logo
Single or Double Sided Flags

Single or Double Sided

You may choose Single or Double Sided Flags. 

Single Sided can be seen from both sides. They are best to fly in the wind. The backside is like a mirror image of the front.

Double Sided have your true image on both sides. They are heavier but higher quality. 

Flag Pole Adapter

Golf Flags can be set up with a simple pole pocket, however most come with a Flag Pole Adapter. is

We hemm a 14″ Plastic Tube into the pocket.
It fits onto a 3/4 inch (2cm) golf pole.

Alternatively we can include a swivel and grommets.

Swivel and Grommets
Golf Flag Pole Insert
Golf Flag Adapter
Golf Flag Poles

Golf Flag Poles

Optionally you  can purchase Golf Flag Poles to be sold as a kit. 

They are 72 inches high and weigh just 1.2 pounds.

Your Flags can fit onto this pole either with the adapter or the swivel and grommet system.

Flag Pole

Aluminum Alloy Cup

These are not guaranteed to assure you a hole in one.

But they are an additional accessory that we have available for your purchase should you need some. 

You can purchase Golf Flags on their own or part of a complete set including the pole and an aluminum alloy cup.

Golf Ball Cup
Golf Ball Markers with Clips and Magnets

Golf Ball Markers

Customize your own Golf Ball Marker. These are what golfers use to lift their balls while marking their position.

You have the option to add magnets and a clip in order to add them onto the brim of your hat for easy access.

The Golf Ball Markers are die struck and painted with enamel just like our Custom Enamel Pins

Personalized Golf Mats

While we are on the subject of Golf, why not consider a Personalized Golf Mat for the home, office or club?

We can custom design with your graphics and corporate logo. 

The standard size is 2.3 x 9.2′ or to your specific size. 

Printed Office Golf mats

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