Golf Flags

Golf Flags

Golf Flags are custom printed to your specifications.

They are with a single available Single or Double sided print,
you can find more information about that below.

In each flag we hemm a plastic pole that fits onto the Golf Pole.
Typically sold in packs of 18.

Golf Flags are printed in full colour and there is no limitation to the amount of designs that you submit.

Golf Pole Flags are an excellent way to promote your brand or event at each an every hole. They are available in 2 fabrics either 110 GSM which is lightweight and flies well in windy conditions,
or 420D which are more (but not totally) rigid.

2 ways to order…..

1. Quote For Print Service
2. Give us a call 604-353-1776


Golf Flags 

Golf Flags are a great marketing idea for all types of weather, windy or not. Whether you need to outfit each hole with golf pin flags or the same image on all 18 rounds, there will ensure you get the word out to the right people.

As we know golf courses are a place where business deals happen and having your brand exposed to this target clientele with these are a very economic way to do so.


Golf Flag Holder

Your Flag is similar to our custom printed flags. The only difference is we hemm a 14″ Plastic Tube Golf Flag Holder into the pole pocket.
It fits onto a 3/4 inch (2cm) golf pole. Telescopic Golf Poles are available for purchase.


Flag Size:

14″ x 20″
12″ x 18″
any custom size

Flag Material

110 GSM – Light
 420    D – Heavy
More Fabrics Avail.

Single and Double Sided Flag Printing

Single and Double Sided Golf Flags

Single Sided Golf Pin Flags are printed on one side, and the other side has about 85% bleed through and seen in reverse.
They are more economic and more common. They are best for light windy conditions. 

Double Sided are printed on 2 pieces of fabric and then a third block out layer in the middle. Therefore side 1 does not bleed into side 2.
An excellent for when you may want 2 different languages.

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