Grid Style Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Stand Out with Grid Style Pop Up Trade Show Displays! 

Grid Style Pop Up Displays provide a unique canvas for your creativity, offering multiple areas to showcase your design and make a lasting impression at trade shows.

🔄 Versatility in Presentation: The versatility and easy setup of these portable displays make them an excellent choice for both floor standing and tabletop presentations.

🌐 Shapes to Suit Your Vision:

Squares and Rectangles: 1×3 | 2×3 | 3×3 | etc

Triangles: Small | Medium | Large

X Shape: Medium | Large

Let Your Imagination Shine: Explore the endless possibilities of showcasing your brand with Grid Style Pop Up Displays. Whether you choose squares, rectangles, triangles, or the striking X shape, your message will stand out with creativity and impact! 🚀🌟


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Grid Style Pop Up Displays

Grid Style Pop Up Displays are the epitome of versatility in trade show presentations!

These unique displays are not only portable and easy to set up but also visually appealing, ensuring maximum engagement with your audience.

Available in both floor standing and tabletop versions, these displays feature customizable sizes and portable aluminum frames with 12.6″ or 27.2″ squares, all custom printed on 240 GSM Flame Retardant Elastic Polyester.

Each square in the Grid Style Pop Up Displays measures 2.5 x 2.5 feet, providing flexibility in choosing the number of squares in a grid. Width x Height.

➡️ For instance, a configuration like 3 x 3 signifies three squares across and three squares high, while a single column is denoted as 1 x 3.

This customizable feature allows you to tailor the display to your specific preferences and requirements.

X Grid Pop Up Displays

The X Grid comes in 2 sizes which is the one that stands on the floor or a smaller one that can rest on top of the table.

Floor Standing Size = 109 x 81″ High
Table Top Size = 40.5 x 39.5″ High

Large X Grid Pop Up Display
Double X Pop Up Display

Double X Style

You can extend your X Frame across making Double X which adds more graphics panels to your unit. 
This is excellent for larger exhibit floors so you can fill in the entire back wall.

Large = 126.5 x 81″
Small = 60 x 40″  

Rhombus Displays

These displays have a distinctive visual appeal with their triangular diamond shapes which maximize your space utilization and has an engaging layout.

Modular components can be assembled to create different booth configurations, allowing you to adapt to various trade show spaces.

Large – 169 x 99″ 
Small – 85 x 61″
Tabletop – Large – 79 x 50″
Tabletop – Small – 41 x 31″

Small Triangle Display
Large Rhombus Display Frame

Large Middle Banner Style

Pop Up Rhombus Display

Pop Up Display Grids

These common Pop Up Display Frames come in a multitude of sizes. 
They are named by how many squares they contain Width x Height

Common Sizes
1 x 3′ | 2 x 2 | 3 x 3 | 4 x 3
Custom Sizes Welcome

Pop Up Display Frame wth End Caps

One Fabric Pop Up Display

These common displays use the same frame, with the same measurements above and they use 1 large fabric rather than individual squares.

The End Caps are wrapped on the sides as well, and they are available single or double sided. Straight or Curved.

Pop Up Accordion Style Frames are commonly known as sizes
10 x 7.5′ | 7.5 x 7.5′ and more.  

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