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Hand Sanitizer Stations

No Minimum Order – Essential Hygiene, Elevated Branding! 🌟

A Must for Every Event and Retail Space: Prioritize safety without compromising style! Our Hand Sanitizer Stations are a must-have for every event and retail location. With no minimum order, you have the flexibility to enhance hygiene while elevating your brand.

💡 Custom Branding, Your Way: Put your brand at the forefront of safety! Customize your Hand Sanitizer Station with your message and logo. Whether it’s wall-mounted, floor stands, or the trendy tension fabric display, express your brand creatively while promoting health and safety.

👐 Flexible Display Options: Tailor your hygiene solution to fit your space seamlessly. From wall-mounted units to floor stands and the innovative tension fabric display, we offer versatile options to suit your needs. Keep your brand visible while ensuring a clean and safe environment.

🚀 Essential Hygiene with Impact: Our Hand Sanitizer Stations provide an essential hygiene solution with a touch of branding impact. Prioritize health and safety at events or in retail spaces, making a positive impression on your audience.

Elevate Hygiene with Custom Branding – Order Your Hand Sanitizer Stations Today! 🛍️🌐👐

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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for obvious reasons have become mandatory for anywhere the public gathers regardless if it’s an event or for retail. 
There are several styles to choose from such as wall mounted or on a floor stand. For those looking for a bit more creativity they can be added onto Tension Fabric Displays which can be custom printed with your graphics. 

There is no minimum order so you can order just 1 piece, however for institutions such as schools, hospitals and companies that require a bulk purchase of 50+ there are several other styles to choose from and we would be happy to send some more photos of your options.

You can find more info on Hand Hygiene on the CDC Website.

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand

In high demand! These hand sanitizer dispensers are popular in lobbies, shopping malls, doctors offices and more. 
It has a PVC Panel on top that you can apply a sign to with your logo.

Our Soap Dispenser Stands have a drip tray and an adjustable dispenser pocket so that you can fit different sized bottles inside. It is lockable to prevent theft and comes with 1 empty 500ml pump bottle. 

Overall dimension: 7 x 11 x 42.5″ Depth
Base dimension: 12” Diameter x 44.5” High
Holder pocket dimension: 4” x 2.5”
Drip tray: 7” x 42.5″ Depth
PVC Sign Panel: 12 x 16”

Hand Sanitizer Stand Vancouver
Hand Sanitizer Stand for Wall

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The wall mounted version of the Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is ideal for washrooms, or in any public area. 
They come with a lock and key to prevent theft and a refillable bottle that is 500ml.

The benefit compared to a stand is that they take up a small amount of room for small areas and are inexpensive. 

Overall Dimension: 7 x 11 x 4.25″
Holder Pocket Dimension: 4 x 2.5″
Drip Tray: 7 x 4.25″

Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Add a unit to our Tension Fabric Banner Stands to get the maximum amount of marketing value. 
You can market your event, store or use as directional signage. 

These cannot be missed and are excellent for when proper hand hygiene is mandatory.

Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Hand Sanitizer
Large Volume Hand Sanitizer Stands

Wholesale Purchases

We have plenty more styles and options to choose from for clients looking to purchase 50+ pieces. 

The options include wall mounted, different sizes displays, automatic dispensers and more.

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