Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches – Unleash Your Brand’s Power at Races and Marathons! 🏁🎈👟

🚀 Sealed Excellence – Effortless Setup, Maximum Impact: Introducing our Sealed Inflatable Arches – the epitome of convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the need for a constant air supply. Connect our Electric Pump, watch it inflate, and within minutes, your arch stands tall, ready to captivate the crowd. Make a statement with a hassle-free setup that ensures maximum impact.

💨 Constant Air Brilliance – Cost-Effective and Crowd-Pleasing: Opt for the Constant Air option, the tried-and-true choice for maximum cost-effectiveness and crowd appeal. Equipped with a fan that you simply plug in, this inflatable arch remains a popular and reliable solution. It’s the perfect canvas to showcase your brand at races, marathons, and events.

🏆 Versatile Platforms – Promote Your Brand to a Vast Audience: Inflatable Arches provide an ideal platform to showcase your brand to a vast audience. Whether it’s a race, marathon, or any event, these arches stand as powerful symbols of your brand. Choose the option that suits your needs, and let your brand shine brightly on these inflatable canvases.

Choose Inflatable Arches for Maximum Brand Visibility and Impact! 🚀🏁

Several sizes to choose from

13 x 8.5′ 13.8 x 11.8′ 16.5 x 10.5′
20 x 12.5′ 25 x 13′ 26 x 16′
33 x 16′ 39 x 16′ 18 x 10′


Constant Air Fan
20 x 13′ 26 x 16′ 33 x 16.5′

Custom Sizes and Designs are welcome.

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Custom Inflatable Arches

Make a grand statement at your race event with our Custom Printed Inflatable Arches! Tailored to fit any scale, from dozens to a hundred thousand participants, these arches offer customizable graphics on the top and sides.

Choose from various shapes or create a unique one that aligns perfectly with your brand.
The arches include essential accessories for easy setup and come in standard sizes from 13 to 50 feet wide. Elevate your race experience with a personalized finish line arch that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. 🏁🎈👟

Constant Air Fans

Our most popular option due to the lower price point. 

The exterior fan must be plugged in at all times in order to keep the unit inflated.

You can find details about Constant Air vs Sealed Arches in this link.

Inflatable Arch with Constant Air Fan
Sealed Inflatable Arch

Sealed Inflatable Arches

Sealed Air Arches are excellent when you want to set up in places with no access to electricity. 

You can avoid the expense and hassle of renting an extra generator just for the arch. 

Each unit comes with an electric pump. 

Quality Construction

We do not use cheap materials!
You can expect a beautifully constructed top quality product inside and out.

Not cutting corners ensures that you have a long lasting product that will last year after year.

We use YKK Zippers. Pictured you can see a red valve that protects the arch from over pressure. The black valve is for inflation. 

Bottom of the Archway
Inflatable Arch

Angled Corners

An angled top is easier to produce and therefore a  bit lower price point. 

It gives a bit of depth to the design and different areas for marketing.


The rounded shape is a continuous shape from one side to the other. 

It allows for the most height to be in the centre and less on the sides. 

Semi Circle Inflatable Arch

Rectangle or Square

Right Angle Corners allow for maximum height across the entire width.

It is common to have both 2 or 4 pillars for an extra dimension and covered area.

4 Legged Style

An Inflatable Arch with 4 legs offers enhanced stability and support.
The additional legs distribute the weight more evenly, making it suitable for larger arches or situations where the arch may be subject to stronger winds or other environmental factors.

The 4-leg design often provides increased structural integrity and ensures the arch remains securely in place during various conditions.

Sizes (W x D x H)
20 x 13 x 14′
26 x 16.4 x 14′
33 x 18.5 x 16.4′ 

LED Inflatable Finish Line Arch

Add LED Lights

Does your event go into the nighttime hours?

Illuminate your Race and have a clear finish line from a distance.

The LED Lights are battery powered.  

Custom Shapes

Do you have a special image in mind? Let’s bring it to life!

Our Constant Air Arches can be customized in all sorts of shapes and sizes just like this sunshine one we made for an event production company.

First we can create an engineers drawing proof and then upon approval your idea will be ready for your event in no time.



Add a Banner

As a one stop shop with plenty of products to choose from, we can supply you with all your signage needs.

Adding a Vinyl Banner to your unit allows you to change your graphics with every event. It can be attached with D rings, or we can add velcro. 

Removable Banners

You have the option to add velcro onto your Arch so that you can add a 600D Fabric Banner on it so that they can be interchanged with others.

This can ensure that you can reuse your arch while adding different sponsor logos without permanently printing onto the unit.

Banners and Velcro
Double Pillar Arch

Add a Canopy

Connecting 2 sets with a canopy gives a sheltered area and more real estate for your environment.

For this version it’s like a hybrid finish line arch meets canopy tent.


Electric Blower

The electric blower is used for the sealed arches only and it is included with your package. 

It is compatible with our other products such as Air Pillars as Air Tents as well.

Once your unit is full inflated, you can detach without the need for a constant fan.

Electric Pump
Outside Fan for Inflatable Arch

Constant Air Fan

Each Constant Air Race Arch will come with a blower, either internal or external.

Pictured here is the external blower for larger units. It is 480 watts.

The Internal blower for smaller units is 200 watts.


Barrel Weights

For stability we include ropes to attach to D rings on the inflatable arch. For example, you can ties these to spikes in the grass. 

Often your unit may be set up on the streets with limited places to tie off the rope. 

Consider purchasing barrels, which can be filled with water and act as a heavy weight and somewhere to tie off on.

Furthermore, you can order customized covers and brand with your logo.

Water Barrel Weight
Inflatable Tube Banners

Inflatable Columns

Commonly used as mileage markers along the course.

Inflatable Tube Size options include 9.2 or 11.5 feet high.

They are available with or without battery powered LED lighting. 

FPV Race Gate Arches for Drones

FPV Racing Drones use these gates along the entire course including the start and finish lines.

They can be customized with Your Graphics and Logo. 

Available in 3 sizes
12.25 x 6.35′ | 9.15 x 4.85′ | 6.5 x 3.05′ 

Each kit includes 2 Spike Bases.

FPV Race Gate Arches

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