Inflatable X Tents

Inflatable X Tents 

Inflate Your Brand Presence – Inflatable X Tents for Effortless Event Excellence! 🎪🎈

🏰 Complete Portability – Your Portable Event Solution: Step into a world of convenience with our Inflatable X Tents. These dome tents offer a complete portable solution for your next event, ensuring a quick and easy setup that takes the hassle out of preparation. Focus on what matters most while our tents provide a labor-saving, efficient setup.

🎨 Custom Printing Magic – Market to the Masses with Your Logo: Make your brand stand out with our Custom Printing options. Add your logo to these Inflatable Tents for a perfect way to market to the masses. Transform your tent into a powerful marketing tool that draws attention and leaves a lasting impression.

🎪 Variety of Sizes – Choose Your Perfect Fit: Select from a range of sizes to suit your event needs:

10 x 10′ (3x3m)
13 x 13′ (4x4m)
16.5 x 16.5′ (5x5m)
20 x 20′ (6x6m)
23 x 23′ (7x7m)
26 x 26′ (8x8m)

🌟 Patented Design – Innovation That Sets You Apart: Experience the innovation of our patented design. These Inflatable X Tents are sealed, eliminating the need for constant air flow. The electric pump included ensures a hassle-free setup, and all graphics are replaceable for maximum customization.

🚪 Tailored Features – Customize Your Tent Experience: Add a touch of functionality with customizable walls featuring zippers for doors and windows. Enhance your tent with optional awnings, creating a unique space that meets your specific event requirements.

🛡️ Warranty Assurance – Confidence in Quality: Rest easy with our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, a testament to the quality and durability of our Inflatable X Tents.

Elevate Your Events – Choose Inflatable X Tents for Effortless Excellence! 🚀🎈

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Inflatable X Tents 

Elevate your sports team’s presence with hassle-free set-ups using our Inflatable X Tents!
These tents offer a convenient and quick solution, making them a top choice for sports teams.

Ideal for festivals and events, they provide excellent branding opportunities with customizable logos.
Choose from various sizes and enjoy the interlocking feature for creating a seamless arrangement of multiple tents side by side. 🏟️🎈🚀

X Tent Frame and Canopy

Beginning with the foundational inflatable X Tent frame and canopy, you can enhance your setup with various accessories.

Custom printing allows for personalized branding, while the addition of awnings provides extra shelter and branding opportunities.
Walls, customizable with windows and zipper entrances, offer further versatility in configuring your tent for different events and requirements.

Elevate your inflatable X Tent with these essential components for a standout and functional setup.

Logo X Tent

Custom Printing

Full color printing with gradients and pms pantone matching to your corporate branding is available on all parts of the tent.

You can choose to brand your entire tent or just certain sections of it to lower the costs.

Inflatable X Tent Printing or Stock Colors

There are several different areas to choose Custom Printing or Stock Colour Fabrics. For example a custom printed canopy (top) with stock fabric colored walls would be less of a cost than having both options customized.

Areas with Your Choice of Stock Fabric Colours or Custom Printing
Canopy – Walls – Awning – Legs

Stock Colours include
Black – White – Blue – Grey – Green – Red

Dome Tents

Wall Packages

You may order your X tent with or without walls. 

Enclosing your space with walls is a way to seclude your area for your own specific needs.
You can order 1 to 4 walls per tent. They are available in stock colours or can be custom printed on one of both sides with your logo. 


Awnings can be added to Inflatable X Tents, providing extra shelter and branding opportunities.

These features include extended shelter, customizable banners for additional branding, an option for a header banner, and a modular design that allows flexibility in configuration to accommodate your specific needs. 

Inflatable X Tent Accessories

Each Inflatable X Tent unit includes essential accessories to enhance your experience. The package comprises a roller case for convenient transportation, electric and hand pumps for efficient inflation, water bags with covers for stability, ground pegs to secure the tent, and a patch kit for quick repairs.

With these included accessories, setting up and maintaining your Inflatable X Tent is a seamless and hassle-free process.

Connection Tunnels

For festivals featuring multiple vendors, a creative and practical solution is to align several air tents in a row, forming a chain of connected structures.

Custom tunnels can be added, creating an intriguing and cohesive setup with a tunnel connecting two adjacent tents. This innovative approach not only maximizes the use of space but also adds a unique touch to the overall festival experience.

Explore the possibilities of interconnected air tents for a seamless and engaging vendor display at festivals.


Plenty of Room Inside

The most common size is a 10×10′ which is 100 square feet.

Our largest 26×26′ inflatable x tent is 688 square feet, which is the size of many apartments. 

This is perfect for event registration, vendor kiosks, chill lounges and more.

Adding items such as inflatable furniture is a way to invite your guests into the area and stay a while. 

Quality Construction

Made with TPU bladders, YKK zippers, and 250 GSM dacron covers for the legs. 

All that jargon translates into top quality, long lasting materials that will stand up to all sorts of weather for years.

Interior Frame of Inflatable Tent

More Options

Inflatable V Tents

A unique larger open air design allows for your audience to move in and out freely. 

It has a large canopy that can be branded for big marketing opportunities.

Inflatable V Tent Sizes
13′    (4 meters)
16.5′ (5 meters)
20′    (6 meters)

U Tent

Enhance your outdoor events with the Inflatable U Tent, designed in an amphitheater style to provide shade and rain protection for DJs or bands at concerts and festivals.

This unique U series tent adds a distinctive touch to your event setup, combining functionality with an eye-catching design.
Elevate the experience for both performers and attendees with this innovative and versatile tent solution

Retail Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Pop up Canopy Tent

This 10×10 size tent is an excellent alternative to the standard aluminum frame Pop up Canopy Tents.

They are a safer, lightweight alternative that are easier to transport.

The simple shape is a less expensive basic shape compared to the premium x tent version.

Inflatable Furniture

You can complete underneath as well with our custom printed Inflatable Furniture

Options include chairs, ottomans, tables, sofa’s, seating doughnuts, and hightop bar desks. 

LED inflatable furniture is available to further brighten up and enhance your area.

Inflatable Couches and chairs

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