Inflatable LED Balls

Inflatable LED Balls with Stands

Our Inflatable LED Balls are the ultimate solution for Portable Event Lighting.

They have RGB LED technology which are low on power and extra bright.
Bold and Beautiful like a Light up Beach Ball!

LED Event Lighting

Each Inflatable LED Ball comes with a RGB remote enabling it to project almost any colour or shade.
You can easily enable a slow fade, or strobe. 

LED Glow Ball Stands

You have the option to add a stand to your Glow Ball. Each stand will raise the ball high above the crowd to ensure ample lighting.

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Inflatable LED Balls with Stands

Our Inflatable LED Balls are available with or without a stand.

The most common size is about 4 feet, and they are customizable up to 30+ feet.
This product is a unique way for your clientele to be attracted to your event branding, all the while having a dual purpose for LED event lighting.

Customize with Your Logo

Our Inflatable LED Bracket Balls can be custom printed with your logo. 

Your logo can be in full colour with no limitations.

Inflatable Ball Signs
RGB LED Light Controller for the LED Balls

RGB LED Lighting Technology

RGB stands for Red Green Blue.

There are millions of possible color combinations that this can achieve ensuring the right lighting for your event.

Full Coverage Printing

The entirety of your balloon can be printed which ensures that people can view your graphics from all viewing angles.

Note that when using a RGB light that a white background ensures to keep the true color. 

Inflatable Moon
LED Spheres

With or Without a Bracket

You can order with or without a stand. 

The balls can be used around the pool or to illuminate the borders of a field. 

Electric Pump

For easier inflation electric pumps are included with your purchase. 

Typically you would just need 1 pump regardless of how many you order.

Electric Blower for Inflatables
LED Hanging Balloons

Hanging LED Balls

These large inflatable balloons can be hung from the ceiling to enhance the events lighting and decor.

Custom shapes and sizes are welcome, or you may choose from the many styles in our inventory.

LED Pillars

Inflatable LED Columns can come in all shapes and sizes.

They can used for race markers to show how far along contestants are, or they can be used to illuminate areas at festivals.

LED Tube Banners

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