Inflatable Movie Screens

Inflatable Theatre Screens

Project videos on large inflatable screens.

We have several sizes to choose from or you may take some of our recommendations below.

Outdoor theatres are popping up everywhere lately for any size crowd, with drive in cinemas coming back into fashion.

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Inflatable Movie Screens

Inflatable Movie Screens have several sizes to choose from or you may create your own custom size. 

They can be in 16:9, 4:3 or 2:1 format. 

Where you want an outdoor movie screen for 25, 50 or 5000 people we can custom create the size you need. 

Outdoor Cinema Screen for up 50 People

The Screen size is 13.75 x 7.5′ high.

This is perfect for family gatherings in the backyard or small gathering in the park.
They are popular for both indoor and outdoors.

Inflatable Movie Screen Small
Inflatable Screen

Inflatable Movie Screens for 50 to 400 people

These are the most popular and there 3 recommended sizes for Outdoor Open Air Cinemas

16 x 9′ for around 100 viewers
20 x 11′ for around 200 viewers
26 x 15′ for around 400 viewers

400 to 5000 Viewers

These large sizes are ideal for mass gatherings in parks, stadiums and anywhere you require portable temporary inflatable movie screens to project videos.

32 x 18′ for around 800 people
39.5 x 22′ around 1500 people
52 x 29.5′ around 3000 people
66 x 37′ around 5000 people

large Outdoor Cinema Screen
Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio

There are 3 common formats to watch movies on which is 16:9, 4:3, 21:9 and 2:1.  

We can custom build to your specifications, however the aspect ratio is important to ensure you are projecting on the entire screen. 

If you are looking to create your own size, this website has an easy aspect ratio calculator for you to use. 

Drive In Theatre Screens

Maximize your audience with a double sided screen so that it can be viewed from both sides. 

They come in several sizes between the widths of 30 to 52 feet.

The bottom of the screen from the ground is higher to ensure optimum viewing. 

Double Sided Drive In Theatre
Large Screen for Outdoor

Add Your Custom Logo

All eyes are facing the screen and therefore your branding should be front and centre. 

We can custom print directly on the unit or add D rings so that you can attach your Custom Banner and remove it when you want to change it.

Inflatable Flags

Enhance the experience of your attendees and marker your sponsors with large inflatables. 

Outdoor Cinemas in wide open spaces have areas for large branding opportunities.

Use Inflatable Feather Flags, Giant Animals or whatever you can imagine around the perimeter for the ultimate experience. 

Large Inflatable Flag
Rear Projection Film for Windows

Projection Film

Projection Films are typically used in retail settings.

They can turn any glass or plexiglass area into a high resolution HD video wall. 

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