Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable Pillars

Outdoor advertising opportunities abound with our Inflatable Towers.

They tower above the crowd sky high and compliment your main display such as tents or backdrops.

Use them along race tracks or the finish line at marathons and events.

They are sealed and come with an electric pump.

Custom sizes are welcome


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Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable Pillars finish the look of virtually any event.
They are used in races and marathons as place markers.

You can use them outdoors where your message needs to be seen from a distance.
Or indoors when you are required to tower above the competition such as at a trade show. 

LED Lights are available for events during low light conditions.

Inflatable Pillar Sizes

Our Inflatable Tube Pillars are available in the following standard sizes.

Width x Height
1.5′ x 9.2′
2.0′ x 11.5′

Custom Sizing is available
heights from 3′ to 16′ high.

The printable area starts 1 foot from the bottom all the way to the top.

Inflatable Columns
LED Inflatable Columns for Marathons

LED Inflatable Pillars

These Columns have the option to include LED lights. They are full colour in the RGB spectrum.

You can add either 2 or 4 pcs per tube. 
2 pcs costs less and 4 pcs is brighter.

Each light is battery operated and comes with a remote.

Custom Branding

Customize your pillars throughout the entire surface of the tube. 

They are custom printed in full color, onto replaceable fabrics.

Here you can find that the columns can be used for branding purposes at events and not just race markers. 

Event Branding of Inflatables
close up of Inflatable Tube

Fully Customizable

Each pillar is customizable to your specifications. 

They are custom printed with your graphics.

In this particular example we added velcro so that our client could add their own removable banners.
The top of the column was left white so it can light up like a beacon. 

Quality Construction

Our Inflatable Towers are made from high quality TPU rather than PVC Tarpaulin. 
TPU has good elasticity, long service life, and hydrolysis resistance.

Compared to single layer PVC tarpaulin, TPU is lightweight, replaceable, and the printed colors last longer.

The foot of the banner has D Rings, and an overpressure safety valve. 

LED Lights can be removed after inflating and opening the zipper
Electric Blower for Inflatables

Sealed Technology

Each tube is sealed, there is no need for a constant air fan.

You simply inflate them with an electric blower which is included with your purchase. 

No hassle, set it and forget it!

Large Inflatable Feather Flags

As an alternative, we offer double sided Giant Inflatable Feather Flags.

They are a unique way to get your message across and tend to get noticed as they have some movement. 

They rise above the crowd at 20′ and 26′ feet high.

Large Inflatable Flag
Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arches are used for Marathons and Races, as well as entrances for festivals.

Let us be your one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Our Archways are sealed and the same excellent quality as the tubes. 

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