Key Tags and Combo Cards

Key Tags and Combo Cards

Custom printed Key Tags can be combined with standard Plastic Business Card Printing to enhance and retain membership for your organization.

Key tags can be purchased on their own, in sets of 3 known as 3up cards, or a combination with a Standard Sized Card mixed with 1 or 2 Key Tags.

They are conveniently hole punched, so you can add to a set of keys ensuring your clients will always have this card ready to scan within a moment’s notice.


Key Tag
– 28.5mm x 54mm

3up Tag Card Sizes
– 28.5mm (x 3pcs) x 54mm

Combo Card 1          
– 85.5mm + 28.7mm x 54mm
Combo Card 2          

– 85.5mm + 28.7mm (x 2 pcs) x 54mm


0.76mm – Same as credit card

0.38mm – Thinner, easier on the wallet

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Key Tags and Combo Cards

Custom Printed Key Tags can be used to promote your business with a membership or loyalty program.
We can add barcodes so your clients can scan them for additional discounts at the point of purchase.

You will always stay top of mind with clients with a keychain sized loyalty card for your organization. The ideal key ring cards size to be carried with car keys, key fobs, and more. Studies have shown that sales increase when a customer has a loyalty card to earn rewards. 

3up Style Key Tags

3 Key Cards fit within the size of a Standard Credit Card. 

We can ship them as is, or break them apart for you.

Sold in sets of 500
(1500 Tags)

Cards for Keychain
Combo Card with 1 Key Tag

Combo Card 1

Combo Cards consist of a standard Plastic Card 85mm x 54mm
with 1 Key Tag to go along with it.

They are sold in sets of 500
(500 Cards and 500 Tags)

Combo Card 2

The same as above but with 2 key tags. 
These are best for when you have 2 or 3 people in the same household that are splitting a membership.

Sold in sets of 500
(500 Cards and 1000 Tags)

Double Combo Key Tag Cards
Metal Cards shipped to Malta, Europe

Metal Key Tags

Are you looking for something more durable? 

Consider Metal Key Tags made from our Metal Business Cards.
There are many cool, interesting features and size options available that are not available with plastic.

There is no minimum order. 

Barcode and Hole Punch

Your price includes a static or variable barcode.

The type of barcode you need is in the instructions of your scanner, please let us know in advance.

The Hole Punch is included so it can insert in a keychain ring.

Key Tags with DOD Barcode

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